Between now and next Thursday, January 20th, we here at Cinematical will be doing all we can to bring you up to speed on the films premiering at this year's Sundance Film Festival. Today we have an exclusive teaser video for 'The Lie,' which was co-written and directed by Joshua Leonard ('Humpday,' 'Blair Witch Project'), who also stars as a guy who tells a really nasty lie to get out of work. The film co-stars Jess Weixler, Mark Webber, Alia Shawkat, Jane Adams and Kelli Garner. For more on 'The Lie', as well as its Sundance screening times, make sure you hit up the film's official festival page.

We asked Mr. Leonard to intro the video you're about to see, so we'll let him take over from here ...


"I've been asked not to use any curse words in this introductory paragraph to our teaser video for 'The Lie'. To that end, I promise to do my best.
"'The Lie' was a labor of love for a talented group of folks that I had the good fortune to collaborate with. We shot for a few weeks, then spent almost a year putting it together. It all started with T.C. Boyle's amazing story in the New Yorker and slowly snowballed into its own beast. The issues addressed in the story (and subsequent screenplay) were ones I found to be pretty relevant (Inevitable compromises in the struggle towards adulthood, The subtle and overt dishonesty that many of us live with every day, etc...). But fortunately for you, the potential viewer, none of it took itself nearly as seriously as I feel compelled to when describing it. It was a pretty darn fun movie to make and should hopefully give anyone who sees it the opportunity to indulge their Schadenfreude as they watch a guy's life unravel after telling a horrible lie to get out of going to work.

We tried to keep this teaser video in the spirit of the film, without giving away too much. It's only a teaser after all. I hope it makes you laugh at least once... and if it does, I hope you'll come see the film when it premieres at this year's Sundance Film Festival. And if doesn't.... well, f*ck off. You must have a sh*t sense of humor anyways."

Note: The following video contains foul language and is NSFW