Until March or April, audiences are typically deprived of thrills that come clad in spandex and superhero conventions, but come Friday, Seth Rogen and Michel Gondry's long-gestating film 'The Green Hornet' finally arrives in theaters. Rogen, who not only stars in the film but wrote and executive produced it, has spent literal years addressing rumors, explaining setbacks and offering hints about the outcome of his creative collaboration with Gondry. But with the film on the verge of its national release, Rogen and his co-stars are finally free to discuss the movie in detail, from the underpinnings of its mythology to the process of picking an appropriately empowering early '90s hip-hop song.

Moviefone sat down last week with Rogen and two of his co-stars, Cameron Diaz and Christoph Waltz, at the Los Angeles press day for 'The Green Hornet.' Rogen was up first, and he provided some insights into the challenges (and opportunities) he had to reinvent or create from whole cloth a superhero mythology that simultaneously sent up the conventions of comic book movies, and yet provided a legitimate dramatic foundation for the Hornet's own origin story. Oh, and he also mentioned Ini Kamoze.
Seth Rogen Interview

Second, we talked to Cameron Diaz, who attempted to explain why so many of her on-screen counterparts find it easy being green, and then examined where the line is drawn between cute and creepy in the pantheon of comic book nerd-dom. Take a look:

Cameron Diaz Interview

And finally, we sparred with Christoph Waltz, who made an easy transition from his Oscar-winning role as a ruthless, charismatic Nazi in Quentin Tarantino's 'Inglourious Basterds' to a crime lord suffering a midlife crisis in 'The Green Hornet.' He offered more or less unsolicited opinions about playing another villain –- he doesn't see either character as one -– but he did compare the challenges of working on a carefully scripted film like 'Basterds' and then moving on to something more improvisational like 'The Green Hornet.' Check it out:

Christoph Waltz Interview
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