-- Here's a new image from 'Sherlock Holmes 2.'The LA Times describes the plot for the sequel: "Set in 1891 - a year after the last film's events - the sequel shows Holmes continuing his pursuit of Professor Moriarty (played by Jared Harris), who, if the investigator's instincts are correct, might be the world's first supervillain. Watson, meanwhile, is still trying to be a good partner to his love, Mary Morstan (Kelly Reilly), while keeping Sherlock alive."

-- The auditioning process for 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' has begun, with 20th Century Fox testing the following actors for the role of Abe Lincoln: "Benjamin Walker, James D'Arcy, Adrien Brody, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, and Josh Lucas." Any of those feel right to you?

-- Disney has brought backTerry Rossio to write the script for 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5.' No word on whether Johnny Depp will return, or if previous rumors of them shooting parts 5 and 6 back-to-back are actually true.

-- Ben Stiller tells EW that the script for 'Zoolander 2' is finished, and that it picks up ten years later with Derek and Hansel in Europe. He adds, "Their lives have changed and they're not really relevant anymore. It's a new world for them. Will Ferrell is written into the script and he's expressed interest in doing it. I think Mugatu is an integral part of the Zoolander story, so yes, he features in a big way."

-- Don't be so fast to rule out a 'Wonder Woman' TV show. David E. Kelly, who wrote a script only to watch several networks pass on the idea, thinks it will happen soon. "I think the likelihood is we'll see it next year. I'm being optimistic but I don't think I'm being unrealistic."

Check out more scanned images from EW's 2011 preview. This time we get our first look at the heist comedy 'Tower Heist,' and another look at 'The Hangover 2.' [via The Playlist]

-- Speaking about his planned 'Dark Tower' film and TV adaptations, Ron Howard told Howard Stern that he's still unsure if it's actually going to happen. He says (via Slashfilm), "I don't know if it's going to happen or not, but I'm developing with Akiva Goldsman, the guy who wrote A Beautiful Mind and Cinderella Man, a version of Stephen King's Dark Tower series of fantasy stories And there is an element of it, if everything goes as planned, that we would like to do on tv. So we want to do part of it big screen, and then a lot of the character stuff - because Stephen King's stuff is so interesting and fascinating, and instead of trying to wedge it into a movie, let the movies be adventure and action."

-- Curious to read the script that will likely take home the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar this year? Deadline has made the full screenplay for Aaron Sorkin's 'The Social Network' available online. They've also got the screenplay for 'The King's Speech' too.

-- Check out the trailer for 'A Little Bit of Heaven,' starring Kate Hudson as a woman who learns she's dying of cancer, but won't let that stop her from falling in love ... or something along those lines.

-- Jennifer Love Hewitt will make her feature directorial debut with an adaptation of the ghost story 'Wait Till Helen Comes,' about a 12-year-old girl who moves into a new house and is tormented by the ghost of another 12-year-old girl.

-- Nominations were handed out for the ACE Eddie Awards, which honors the best editing of the year. Those nominations are as follow:


'Black Swan,' 'The Fighter,' 'Inception', 'The King's Speech' and 'The Social Network.'


'Alice in Wonderland,' 'Easy A,' 'The Kids Are All Right', 'Made in Dagenham' and 'Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World'


'Despicable Me,' 'How to Train Your Dragon' and 'Toy Story 3.'

-- And finally, here's what 'Community' star Donald Glover would look like as Spider-Man had he actually won the role.

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