Welcome to the second weekend of the year! All filled up on those Oscar-hungry "platform" releases and the Nicolas Cage occult films? Good, because this weekend we get ... a romantic comedy and an action hero flick. Oh, and Paul Giamatti as an obnoxious bastard, which is always fun.

'The Green Hornet' -- "Gets Rogen's career as a superhero off to a good start, and proves that Gondry can make a movie that really synthesizes his handmade style with something polished enough to succeed in the mainstream." -- Todd Gilchrist (full review)

'The Dilemma' -- "There are surprisingly few laughs in the film, and several scenes that were clearly intended to be straight-up serious, despite being built on a premise that only works if you don't take it seriously." -- Eric D. Snider (full review)

'Barney's Version' -- "It's the rare feature that can offend and charm at the same time, that can take a man who always plays the acerbic loser and make the same theme seem fresh." -- Monika Bartyzel (full review)
Opening this weekend in limited release:

'A Somewhat Gentle Man' -- "Feels like it spawned from the 'No Country For Old Men' auteurs, but if they were Norwegian." -- Jason Murphy (full review)

'Ong Bak 3' -- "Save for a brief action scene, the first 45 minutes of 'Ong Bak 3' are torturous to sit through." -- Peter Martin (full review)

'Plastic Planet' -- "It's kind of funny that 'Plastic Planet' uses fear tactics, because the onscreen presence of director Werner Boote ... is particularly comparable, much to his dismay, to that of anti-fear monger Michael Moore." -- Christopher Campbell (full review)

'I'm Dangerous With Love' -- "Fans of Gaspar Noe's 'Enter the Void' should appreciate the more genuine hallucination sequences depicting geometric shapes and embryos." -- Christopher Campbell (full review)

And the two from last weekend:

'Country Strong' -- "When the characters do shut up and sing, the songs work in the vein of modern country pop and love ballads, and the intimidation and thrill of the packed-arena crowds resonates on nearly every occasion. -- William Goss (full review)

'Season of the Witch' -- "Perfectly harmless and reasonably enjoyable malarkey. It's about as good as it tries to be, which isn't very much at all." -- Eric D. Snider (full review)

Next week: another romantic comedy! Oooh, and a Peter Weir film!
The Dilemma
Based on 32 critics

Before a presentation, a man sees the wife of his best friend and business partner with another guy. Read More

Barney's Version
Based on 33 critics

A tell-all book prompts a colorful, thrice-married TV producer to give his side of the story. Read More

The Green Hornet
Based on 39 critics

The spoiled heir (Seth Rogen) to a newspaper fortune becomes a costumed crime-fighter. Read More

Season of the Witch
Based on 27 critics

Two medieval knights (Nicolas Cage, Ron Perlman) escort an accused sorceress to a remote abbey. Read More

Country Strong
Based on 30 critics

Personal demons and romantic entanglements threaten to derail a female singer's comeback tour. Read More

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