The Simpsons snowmenWinter is still in full swing, but don't take it for granted. Snowmen, snowwomen, and snoweverythings are only around for but a short time each year, so take this opportunity to peruse some unbelievable movie-themed snow sculptures. (A few of them may be more TV- than movie-related, but we're including them anyway, because they are awesome.)

From the Simpsons to the Dark Knight to Disney -- it's all here. Check them out before they melt into a puddle. p style="text-align: center;">

The Cat in the (snow)Hat.

Just look at Jaws' icy gaze ...

Wait ... has Lisa got stubble like Homer or is it just us?

Daleks can survive extreme temperature changes.

The King lives on ... until Spring ...

This is pretty much to scale with the real King Kong!

Disney on snow.

We're in Stitches.

"Crudely sculpted I am."

The Catch-22 of being a snow Jedi? Light sabers will cause extreme melting.

Where's snow slave Leia when you need her?

Spider-Man has been on neighborhood watch so long, he needs to prop his chin up with a stick.

Ahhhhh! It's Bill Nighy!

A colorful reunion.

Please Shrek, don't hurt 'em.

Don't try to remove the pieces. The sculptor gets mad.

It's my snow body, I'll do what I want!

Buzz and Woody, lifesize editions.

There's nothing Dopey about this snow skill.

The Dark Knight is looking rather pale.

Snowbob Icepants.

The King of Monsters frets over a check mate.


If he lies his nose grows an icicle.

This one is just precious.

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