'Scream' fans rejoice! A new trailer has arrived and not only is it far meatier than the last, but it's pretty damn good, too. Back in October we got our first glimpse at Wes Craven's latest in a teaser trailer that premiered at the Scream Awards. No, it wasn't terrible, but it certainly wasn't good enough to really get you pumped for the franchise's fourth installment. Well, the latest trailer clocks in at a whopping two minutes, thirty seconds and is packed with far more than some cheesy fades and text.

This one will give any longtime franchise fan the chills right from the start when Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' "Red Right Hand" (a song featured in the first film) kicks in directly after hearing the killer whisper that all too familiar question, "What's your favorite scary movie?" From there, it's really just 'Scream 2.0,' and it works. We've got a new group of kids in a similar situation, but this time around they come loaded with advanced technology and an upgraded set of rules for surviving a horror movie.

Watch it below.

Even with the new additions, this is really a trailer for devoted fans. There's an incredible amount of throwbacks to the original films, especially the one that started it all. While this is certainly a fantastic way to reel the fans back in, the throwbacks could cause trouble, too. Both 'Scream 2' and 'Scream 3' relied heavily on the 'Stab' films, the movies within the movies based on the Woodsboro murders and killings thereafter. 'Scream 2' pulled it off, but in 'Scream 3' it was an absolute drag, to say the least.

On the bright side, what made the focus on 'Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro' in 'Scream 3' so problematic, was that it was literally about making the movie. The tie-in was absurd in every way, from Sidney's mother's acting roots to the arrival of Randy's sister and more. Luckily, that's not the case in 'Scream 4.' This time around we're seeing what happens when the anniversary of those infamous Woodsboro murders from the first film arrive and Sidney decides to return home for the festivities. So far, everything about it seems justifiable; of course, Dewey and Gale Weathers would be on hand for the event and it totally makes sense Sidney would have some family living in town, too.

Now we've got to hope that the connections aren't taken too far. Looking back at the original film, while that one was certainly an original production, it did rely heavily on referencing old favorites. It made so much sense for 'Scream 2' to do the same, but with its very own predecessor. Is that what 'Scream 4' is doing with 'Stab?' Could be. The problem is, wouldn't that just be 'Scream 2' all over again, but in high school? What's going to set this film apart and make it more than just another 'Scream' film is the mixture of the new and the old. It can't rely on the old, but also has to maintain a strong enough connection with the original material to make it a viable part of the series. The general concept behind the 'Scream' films certainly isn't dead, but like any sequel, needs some freshening up. Could Craven have done it in 'Scream 4?' Based on this trailer, the odds are in his favor.
Scream 4
R 2011
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Sidney Prescott's (Neve Campbell) return to Woodsboro coincides with that of the Ghostface Killer. Read More