Marc Singer's 'Dark Days' -- a fascinating documentary about a group of homeless people living in the underground tunnels of New York City -- won over Sundance during its 2000 premiere. The film took home the documentary Audience, Cinematography and Freedom Of Expression Awards -- and will now be seen by a whole new audience this summer. Oscilloscope Laboratories -- who recently released Banksy's 'Exit Through the Gift Shop' on DVD/Blu -- are re-mastering the movie for a New York theatrical release, with plans for a July DVD/digital platform issue as well.

The Freedom Tunnel -- a stretch of underground below Riverside Park in Manhattan -- has been a safe haven for graffiti artists to create for years. Singer, however, shed light on an entire community who call the underground railway their home. The filmmaker initially took up camp with the group and later on set out to make his film in order to help the residents find better housing (which he eventually secured). They became the film's crew, learning how to use equipment while taking a turn in front of the camera to share their story. DJ Shadow's haunting soundtrack helped set the tone for the grainy black-and-white feature.

Oddly enough, 'Dark Days' has been out of circulation, which is why Singer approached Oscilloscope who were more than happy to pick it up for distribution. "People are going to want to watch it and re-discover it," Oscilloscope partner David Fenkel said. "It's fun to bring it back into the conversation." Apart from its NY theatrical run, 'Dark Days' will also be playing museums, schools and art houses.

Check out some of Oscilloscope Laboratories' other great features after the jump.

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