Quentin Dupieux's 'Rubber' was easily one of the strangest films to make the film festival circuit last year. The story of a discarded tire named Robert who becomes sentient, discovers his psychic powers and proceeds to go on a head-exploding rampage through the American southwest, it is, in the most literal sense of the phrase, unlike anything you've seen before. Is it a hilarious (and bloody) parody of b-horror movies? Is it a self aware, metatextual commentary on the nature of storytelling? It's both. It's smart, silly and just plain crazy in equal measure.

Leave it to Magnet to take a chance on such a wild little movie. The new trailer for the film (which you can watch after the jump) offers just the tip of iceberg, thankfully saving many of the film's biggest surprises -- including a narrative framing device involving a strange group of spectators that has to be seen to be believed -- for those who choose to seek out the film. And seek it out you should! This movie is amazing.

Now hit that jump and watch the trailer for yourself! (A tip of the hat to Badass Digest, where we first saw the trailer.) center>

If you liked that trailer, you're in for a treat: the overall film is all of that plus an additional ten pounds of weird. Robert the tire is a master class in making an inanimate object with no moving features a true character (the performance Dupieux "coaxes" out of the tire is kind of amazing -- you always know exactly what it's thinking) and Stephen Spinella's performance as the cop leading the hunt for the menace that's pulling a 'Scanners' on his community, who is aware that he's in a movie and just desperately wants to go home, would, in a perfect world, make him a star.

If you didn't like that trailer ... Well, I have no words. Only sadness.

'Rubber' will hit on-demand February 25th before starting its theatrical run on April 1st, a day that, considering what an off-kilter practical joke of a movie this is, feels all too appropriate.