They might fuel stereotypes (like certain ones involving igloos and hockey), but snowy winters are also a ubiquitous part of the Canadian experience. There are no southern provinces that stretch close to the equator to bring winters full of sun and warmth, but there is lots of northern land swathed in snow and ice. As such -- loved or loathed -- snow is a yearly and universal Canadian gift, one that runs straight through the heart of Maple Leaf cinema.

To dig into Canadian filmmaking is to dig a comfy fort into the snow, one that screens any number of wintry treatments -- a meandering and pensive look at dangerous wintry accidents, Inuit resolve, hypnotic danger or the verbose dangers that befall a lonely little Ontario town. In one vision, the white landscape will evoke a sense of peace and comfort, and in another, a sense of isolation and menace.

Stuck in the middle of a cold and blizzard-packed winter, there's no better time to dig into that snowy cinema and bask in the cinematic light when it's so cold and dark outside. Hit the jump for our 10 essential wintry Canadian tales.
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