If Keira Knightley was disappointed by yesterday's announcement that she didn't land the leading female role in 'The Dark Knight Rises,' she sure didn't show it. Rather than take some time to regroup, the actress instead signed on to another project, taking a co-starring role in David Cronenberg's 'Cosmopolis'

Knightley will play Rob Pattinson's wife in Cronenberg's latest, a part that was set to initially be played by Marion Cotillard. Cotillard had to back out when she recently learned she was pregnant.

The drama follows a day in the life of Pattinson's character, a 28 year old billionaire who treks across Manhattan. This is the second major casting change for the film – based on a novel by Don DeLillo – this month. Pattinson joined the cast a week ago, replacing actor Colin Farrell.
Now that the cast appears to be set, the production can finally start to move forward. Shooting is scheduled to begin this May in New York and Toronto – after Pattinson finishes his work on 'Breaking Dawn.' 'Cosmopolis' feels like a bit of a departure for Canadian auteur Cronenberg, who spent the early part of his career making horror films and now often works alongside leading man Viggo Mortensen. It should be interesting to see what kind of performance he can pull out of the two young actors – particularly Pattinson, who is still trying to prove to the world at large that he's more than just Edward Cullen.

Knightley and Cronenberg already have a solid working relationship, having spent the summer filming the director's 'A Dangerous Method.' Still, it's hard to shake the feeling that trading Farrell for Pattinson is a bit of a step down for the movie -- and that the casting changes (including the apparent loss of Paul Giammatti) have taken at least some of the shine off this adaptation.

While it seems unlikely that anyone would argue that 'Cosmopolis' is a bigger picture than 'The Dark Knight Rises,' at least Knightley isn't sulking about the missed opportunity. Plus we figure a lot of women would gladly trade spending a few months alongside a growling Christian Bale for quality time with Pattinson. Are we right, ladies?

[via The LA Times]
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