UPDATE: As we suspected, this looks to be completely and totally false. Leave it to The Sun to post internet rumors as fact.

Before you read anything in this post, know that this news comes from the ever-unreliable British tabloid The Sun, so prepare your pinch of salt and set your expectations to "lowered."

Anyway, the paper reports that the Bond producers have finally settled on a title for the long-gestating, financially troubled 23rd 007 Adventure and that title is 'Red Sky At Night.' You may recognize that as a piece from an old sailor's rhyme:

"Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Red sky at morning, sailor take warning."

So what does an old weather-predicting adage that was probably constructed by rum-drunk men floating across the Atlantic a few centuries back have to do with the great superspy James Bond? Probably nothing, but it sure sounds cool and that's all a Bond title really needs.

The Sun also reports that Rachel Weisz is being sought to take on a key role in the film, not as the traditional love interest, but as the head of the evil organization Quantum, which Daniel Craig's Bond has been chipping away at for the past two films.
That may feel like NEW AND BREAKING AND EXCITING NEWS THAT YOU HAVEN'T HEARD BEFORE, but it was, in fact, largely rumored almost a year ago. Old rumor being dug up or proof that the Bond team is actually pursuing her for a part? You be the judge.

Of course, The Sun reports that she may not take it because her and Craig are dating and yadda yadda, gossip gossip, yawn yawn.

There has been a long history of female Bond villains, from the traitorous Rosa Klebb in 'From Russia With Love' to the sadistic henchwoman Xenia Onatopp in 'GoldenEye,' but a female "mastermind" villain is a spot usually reserved for a notable British character actor (as we reported a few months ago). However, the chance to see Bond go toe-to-toe with a woman who's his intellectual equal -- she does run a massive group that practically controls the world, after all -- will actually be something fresh in a film series that's approaching its fiftieth anniversary.

In fact, Bond 23 (or maybe 'Red Sky At Night') is set to arrive in 2012, which will mark fifty years since the release of the first Bond film, 'Dr. No.' Let's hope MGM recognizes this and makes it a good one!
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