The Library theater was sold out for last night's opening shorts program, partly because it included the one short everyone (incuding us) had been buzzing about for weeks now: Adam Yauch's 'Fight For Your Right' Revisited.' We didn't know much about the shiort, except that it came packed with one of the greatest ensemble casts we had ever seen, and its all-too-brief synopsis read something like, "After the party ..."

And that's exactly what the short was about. If you've seen the iconic music video for 'Fight For Your Right(To Party),' in which the Beastie Boys absolutely trash a party, then you'll immediately take to the short since it picks up as The Boys (played by Seth Rogen, Elijah Wood and Danny McBride) leave the party, ready to cause more ruckus. After a very amusing confrontation with the people who own the apartment (Stanley Tucci and Susan Sarandon), the short kicks in to a tripped-out extended Beastie Boys video (complete with Rogen, Wood and McBride rapping B-Boys style), which starts with them breaking into a bodega to steal beer and ends with them being challended to a dance off by their future selves (played by Will Ferrell, Jack Black and John C. Reilly), who show up in a DeLorean time machine with a dance mat awkwardly tied to the top of the car.

The celebrity cameos are just that: very brief cameos. The only people who actually have lines are the ones we mentioned above (plus a couple of Bon Jovi groupies (Chloe Sevigny, Maya Rudolph), but fans won't care about the lack of screen time for, say, Orlando Bloom, because what they're served is yet another memorable Beastie Boys creation that's equal parts hilarious, offensive and really great to listen to.
While Adam Yauch's short grabbed much of the attention, Lake Bell's 'Worst Enemy' was our personal favorite short of the night. The actress-turned-filmmaker who's bounced between roles on TV's 'The League' and features like the upcoming 'No Strings Attached' delivers a knock-out punch of uncomfortable hilarity with her debut film, 'Worst Enemy.' The short stars former SNL star Michaela Watkins (why was she fired again?) as a girl with all sorts of image and self-confidence issues who sort of dreams of being a normal girl with a normal life, but is so neurotic that she can't seem to make anything work.

Watkins completely nails the role, to the point where you really want to see more of the character. We're not sure if Bell plans to eventually extend this into a feature, but we hope she does because 'Worst Enemy' is full of so many little surprises that you never want its retro-quirkiness to end.