[Note: We've been informed that the photo below, while very lovely, is not from the upcoming 'Twilight' film. We thank Twilight Examiner for the correction.]

In the Twilight universe, there were a few points of curious anticipation swarming around 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.' Would we see half a movie of wolves running around with voiceovers? And, more importantly, there's Renesmee. Would we see her bloody birth? (Kinda. Producer Wyck Godfrey told USA Today that the birth would be seen through Bella's pained eyes.) And once little Renesmee is frolicking around Forks, what would she look like? It's not like you can just grab a toddler and tell it how to act as if it has the mind of a much older child.

We still don't know exactly how that will play out, but we do have our first look at an older Renesmee, played by Mackenzie Foy in 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2.' (Plus the Part One poster above.) And, fittingly, she's nestled in that meadow her young parents love so much.

This is the meadow where Bella and Edward cuddled after she learned that he was a blood-sucking fiend trying to curb his dangerous impulses. It's the field where she almost died at the hands of Laurent, and made plans for her married future.

As for the context of the image, we're going to go out on a loop and guess that this is one of Zafrina's visions that she gives the young Renesmee after the mass herd of international vampires head to Forks. Otherwise, Forks, Washington is having some uncharicteristically awesome weather in the Fall or Winter.

Nit-picking aside, what do you think of this first glimpse of Stephenie Meyer's vamp/human love child?

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