If you're in Park City enjoying Sundance 2011, use this as your handy guide to notable screenings and events popping up in the snowy mountain town. If you're stuck elsewhere, consider this your roadmap for navigating all the indie buzz.

The forecast for Saturday, January 22: A High of 31 degrees, with a really darn good chance of snow.

8:30 AM: 'Connected: An Autobiography about Love, Death and Technology' at Egyptian Theatre
Saturday should kick off with Tiffany Shlain's look at how we're connected, and how that links to the major issues of modern time, like the environment and human rights. The Salt Lake Tribune dug it.

9:15 'Win Win' at Eccles Theatre
Chew on this: Paul Giamatti as a high-school wrestling coach, who becomes the guardian of an older man, only to be stuck with the man's teen, runaway grandson. This was written and directed by Thomas McCarthy, who you might remember from 'Boston Public' or '2012.'
Noon: 'Miss Representation' at Yarrow Hotel Theatre
Jennifer Siebel Newsom's documentary looks into how the objectification of women in mainstream media gets internalized by female viewers. The filmmaker talks to a whole slew of female names from Gloria Steinem to Geena Davis.

1:30 PM: Shining a Light on Web Serties Talent at New Frontier
Internet creations are ever increasing, and this panel looks at the different lengths filmmakers go when using the Internet. Mark Friedlander moderates the panel consisting of Alex Jablonski, Drea Cooper, Alice Brooks and Claire Aguilar.

2:00 PM: Sundance ASCAP Music Cafe Day 2 at the Cafe
Kicking off with K'NAAN at 2 PM, the music extravaganza also features Danko Jones, Manchester Orchestra, Julia Fordham and Paul Reiser and Josh Ritter.

6:00 PM: The House of Hype LIVEstyle Lounge at Cicero's on 306 Main St.
Partying strong until 4 AM with many casts and crew from Sundance.

6:15 PM: 'My Idiot Brother' at Eccles Theatre
Paul Rudd hides his good looks with a massive beard and hippie 'do to play a brother that no one in the family wants. After selling pot to a cop, getting dumped and losing his dog, his family tosses him from sister to sister.

8:00 PM: Third Eye Blind Performs at the House of Blues Foundation Room

9:00 PM: 'The Interrupters' at Redstone Cinemas
Director Steve James, of 'Hoop Dreams' fame, looks into the streets of Chicago to tell the story of tough former gang members who strive to stop violence as it happens and keep the city safe from the menace they once were.

11:30 PM: 'The Troll Hunter' at Library Center Theatre
If you want a good troll hunt, you have to head to Norway. This foreign flick details three student filmmakers who head into the forest to find illegal bear poachers and find "gargantuan" trolls instead.

And nowhere near Utah, for any New Yorkers in the audience eager for their own fun:

The First Annual Shundance Nerd Festival
At: Museum of the Moving Image, Grassroots Tavern
January 22, 3:00-11:00 PM
The inaugural Shundance kicks off with Joseph Lewis' 'The Big Combo.'