Sundance 2011 is fully underway. Here's what's been happening since the fest kicked off yesterday.

The above image sees CNN's Brooke Anderson interviewing Morgan Spurlock. Elizabeth Olsen is the IT Girl of Sundance without any of her sisters' drama.

This roundup offers up all of our pre-fest coverage.

Christopher Campbell really loved 'Project Nim,' a look at the '70s chimp who was taught sign language. He wrote: "I have no problem admitting, mere weeks into the year, that 'Project Nim' will be among my top three documentaries of 2011, if not my very favorite. And if I stand corrected in twelve months, I will graciously admit a glorious wrong, because if there are any non-fiction films as good if not better ahead, I'm going to be a very happy documentary fan."

Jenni Miller, meanwhile, wasn't all that impressed with the creepy flick 'Silent House': " a horror flick whose main point of interest is that it was filmed in one continuous shot. ... 'House' looks and feels more artsy than your typical midnight fare, but its hollow characters and unraveling plot quickly undermine a promising premise."

And Erik Davis caught the opening night shorts program, noting that though the Beastie Boys' offering was fun, "Lake Bell's 'Worst Enemy' was our personal favorite short of the night. ... "Watkins completely nails the role, to the point where you really want to see more of the character."

The biggest story of the first day: younger Olsen sibling Elizabeth Olsen is on fire with two films in the fest -- 'Silent House' and 'Martha Marcy May Marlene.'
Sundance attendees are wasting no time!

'The Greatest Movie Ever Sold' -- the latest offering from Morgan Spurlock -- has fittingly kicked off festival deals. Sony Pictures Worldwide are the lucky buyers.

'Connected: An Autobiography about Love, Death & Technology' earned an international pact with Ro*co Films International, while 'Mr. Nice' got its US rights picked up by MPI Media Group.

This is on top of pre-sales like 'Project Nim' and 'Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel.'

indieWIRE has been piling up the pre-festival interviews. Here's a handy guide to digging in, from the World Cinema offering of 'The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975' to Elgin James' 'Little Birds.'

Minute by Minute, iW digs into the daily happenings for Day One and Day Two.

As the fest kicked off, Robert Redford held a press conference. And though the arrival of Slamdance once irked him, Redford now says: "The more the merrier."

Eric Kohn thinks the Norwegian mockumentary 'The Troll Hunter' "offers high-caliber entertainment despite a low-budget production."

Paddy Considine's first directorial turn in 'Tyrannosaur,' gets a solid review. And while Considine has some writing boundaries, "he makes the best of his cast by letting their downtrodden expressions generate the movie's emotional core. "

Finally, though Brendan Gleeson's acting soars in 'The Guard,' Kohn says "writer-director John Michael McDonaugh gives him too little to say."


Steven Zeitchik says that Dee Rees' 'Pariah' screened to "a hugely enthusiastic reception."

The New York Times looks into the female directors taking Sundance by storm.

shares a clip from 'Win Win,' where Bobby Cannavale mounts Paul Giamatti.

Karina Longworth tweeted from the screening of Miranda July's latest, 'The Future': "Miranda July asked if she thought of casting another actress in her role. 'I wanted Scarlett Johansson, but she wasn't available.'"

@EricDSnider: 'BELLFLOWER' is one of the craziest movies I've ever seen. Mumblecore apocalypse exploitation romantic comedy horror cult classic?

@ErikDavis: 'Fight For Your Right Revisited' was an extended Beastie Boys music video on acid ... literally.

@TheFilmCynic: Slamdance documentary 'Superheroes' plays great to over packed crowd. Hilarious without mocking, very well rounded coverage of RLSH phenomenon.

@ErikDavis: 'Win Win' succeeds in its buddy comedy moments (and especially its wrestling moments), but ultimately feels a little flat

@kateyrich If Kevin Smith wants critics to be kinder to his films, forcing us to get up at 7 am to get tickets is not the way to do it. #sundance

@thefilmcynic So far, at least to us @cinematical people, the first memorable (and constantly repeated) line of 2011 is "stone smoke now" #sundance