Rutger Hauer looks like Don Cherry mixed with Andy Warhol. James Franco talks to Elvis Mitchell for Movieline. Susan Sarandon plays ping pong with Lil Jon. Paul Rudd shaved. Terrence Howard makes the rounds. This picture of Miranda July and her 'The Future' players might just be the best promo still ever. And if you want to look back, FabSugar offers up a look at celebrity Sundance style over the last decade.

Erik Davis raved about 'Like Crazy': "Drake Doremus delivers what will probably go down as one of the best of the fest; an extremely personal, passionate and exceptionally well-crafted story starring Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones as two kids who fall hard for one another, but find their perfect relationship tested when forced apart for long periods at a time."

Christopher Campbell, meanwhile, saw 'The Guard.' He wrote: "this is completely Gleeson's movie and if you can't appreciate his performance here as being all that truly matters, you really don't have much reason to be talking of an actor's craft anyway."

Eric Snider dug into Dee Rees' latest. "'Pariah' feels overly familiar, a fairly standard entry in the broader genre of teen-centered dramas. But as criticisms go, 'This fails to be remarkable' isn't a very harsh one. 'Pariah' is definitely respectable work, with earnest intentions and a vivid depiction of a corner of American culture."

Jenni Miller discusses Elizabeth Olsen's Sundance breakout, and what it means to be the younger sister of Mary Kate and Ashley.

Cinematical videos offer up 5 minutes with actress-turned-writer/director Lake Bell about her short, 'Worst Enemy' and 5 minutes with filmmaking duo Chris Kentis and Laura Lau of 'Silent House.'

And a rundown of the biggest Sundance stories of the day, including the Twitter response to 'Red State.'
The biggest deal at Sundance (thus far) sees The Weinstein Company grabbing the rights to Paul Rudd's 'My Idiot Brother' for a reported $6 million to $7 million plus a $15 million P&A commitment for its wide release.

Yep, 'Like Crazy' has been snagged. Paramount is the lucky studio, for $4 million plus P&A under $10 million, according to sources.

Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions have teamed up for the thriller 'Margin Call,' for release this year.

'Mr. Nice' also got picked up, while Emma Roberts' 'Homework' was snapped up by Fox Searchlight.

Sundance Day 4, Minute by Minute.

iW shares the full speech given by indie producers Lars Knudsen and Jay Van Hoy at the Producers Lunch.

Eric Kohn continues his sea of reviews, finding 'The Catechism Cataclysm' "a singularly wacky, surrealist sketch comedy -- wildly entertaining, invariably random and delectably strange," 'The Redemption of General Butt Naked' lacking "enough voices of dissent" and 'Bellflower' to be "a scrappy drama that takes several bizarre turns."


@ErikDavis Kevin Smith just got off the bus with a "God Hates Mewes" sign and headed for the protestors

And "Hell is Fabulous" for said protesters.

News flash: Kevin Smith is distributing 'Red State' himself. It might be a good plan, considering the less than stellar response to the film tonight. (Here's Erik's review.)

New teen journalist Molly Kiefer O'Donnell raves about Tiffany Shlain for The Women's Media Center.

@jenyamato: Wow. Kinda loved Homework. I'm such a sucker for teen rom-coms.

@charlottecook: Just asked Michael Rapaport what his favourite documentary is... 'Gimme Shelter'

O for Obvious: @jennimiller76 Vera Farmiga: the F is for frigging awesome.

And here's Zooey Deschanel -- co-star of 'My Idiot Brother' on her fest anniversary:

And speaking of that flick, here's a Battle of the Brothers:
@totalfilm says: "Mark our words, My Idiot Brother will be the biggest hit at #sundance2011. Its an absolute gem. Rudd is king."

While @erickohn thinks: "It was nice to see some scenes from MY IDIOT BROTHER were shot in Pete's Candystore. But the rest, meh."