Things were looking pretty bleak for the Bond series last year as MGM's continuing financial woes had cancelled the 23rd installment in the franchise. Rumors of the secret agent's untimely demise proved exaggerated, however, as MGM has filed bankruptcy and restructured their debt load, meaning the film can move forward and should hit its 2012 release date with little difficulty. That was great news for fans, and the positive announcements just keep on coming.

The latest comes from Judi Dench herself. The beloved actress, who has played M since way back in 'GoldenEye,' will reprise her role in 'Bond 23'. (Can we please get this movie a real title soon?) Speaking at the Southbank Sky Arts Awards in London, Dame Judi was asked if she'd be returning to the project. Her answer was a simple "yes." When asked for more details, the actress played coy, saying "Nothing ... My lips are sealed. I can't tell you anything at all!"
Dench did go on to add that she's very excited about the prospect of reuniting not only with Bond co-star Daniel Craig but also director Sam Mendes, whom she worked with on a stage production of Chekhov's 'The Cherry Orchard.' The actress seemingly echoed the sentiments of fans worldwide when she proclaimed, "I'm so glad it's ['Bond 23'] coming back. It's wonderful."

The as-yet-untitled film finds Dench reprising the role of Bond's boss for the seventh time, which still leaves her four appearances away from tying original M, Bernard Lee. With the cast now taking shape, things are moving ahead quickly with the project. Share your thoughts on 'Bond 23' and your ideas for a title below.

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