If you're in Park City enjoying Sundance 2011, use this as your handy guide to notable screenings and events popping up in the snowy mountain town. If you're stuck elsewhere, consider this your roadmap for navigating all the indie buzz.

The forecast for Friday, January 28: sunny and 35 degrees

8:30 AM
: 'We Were Here' at Holiday Village Cinema III
A documentary to kick off your Friday, David Weissman looks at San Francisco's gay culture, from the '70s when many went to the city to find acceptance and how the community was hit by the arrival of AIDS in the early '80s.

11:15 AM: 'Incendies' at Library Center Theatre
The Denis Villeneuve film is up for the Best Foreign Film Oscar at the Academy Awards next month. The film focuses on twins faced with their mother's shocking dying wish: to find their father, who they thought was dead, and the brother they never knew existed. This quest is paralleled with their mother's previous mission to find the son taken from her at birth.
1:00 PM: I'll Be Your Mirror: The Science of Ourselves at Filmmaker Lodge
Attention science geeks! Filmmakers Jon Amiel, Mike Cahill and Jim Kohlberg join a group of doctors to discuss the "mirrors" of science, and what makes good and bad science in movies.

3:00 PM: 'Magic Trip' at Temple Theatre
Oscar-winner Alex Gibney offers up this late-screening film to the fest -- a documentary into Ken Kesey. You know -- the famous scribe who wrote 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' ... who took an LSD-fueled road trip across the U.S.? We have a feeling drugs won't be required to have a psychedelic trip when the doc screens.

5:30 PM: 'Uncle Kent' at Library Center Theatre
Filmmaker Joe Swanberg offers up another microbudget indie. This time, following a cartoonist and stoner who likes a New York journalist, and over the course of one weekend, have a raunchy time that includes sexy pictures and added spice from a bi-curious girl from Craigslist.

6:15 PM: 'The Son of No One' at Eccles Theatre
The fest might be winding down, but it's time for the "closing" night film, Dito Montiel's 'The Son of No One.' A police thriller about a cop trying to protect the Queens neighborhood he grew up in, the film features a hugely impressive cast including Channing Tatum, Al Pacino, Juliette Binoche, Ray Liotta and Katie Holmes. Initial reviews suggest that the film doesn't live up to the power of its cast, but it should be a star-studded event.

8:30 PM: 'The Ledge' at Library Center Theatre
Matthew Chapman's digs into the motivations that make two men consider the value of life. On the roof of a high rise, one is the jumper, while the other is a detective with a world recently turned upside down. And just to make things more messy - one's an atheist and one's a fundamentalist Christian. The cast includes Terrence Howard, Patrick Wilson, Charlie Hunnam and Liv Tyler.

11:59 PM: 'Bellflower' at Holiday Village Cinema II
Before heading into the still of the late night, Sundance is offering up Evan Glodell's take on an apocalyptic love story. Rather than being about an actual apocalypse, it's about a few friends who build equipment in the hopes that the apocalypse will hit and they can kick off their imaginary post-apocalyptic gang, Mother Medusa. But the arrival of a girl kicks off "a journey of betrayal, love, hate, and extreme violence more devastating than any of their apocalyptic fantasies."

This wraps up our Sundance schedule, but if you're still in Park City, Saturday is chock full of final screenings of the festival's buzzed about films, which we've covered here over the last week.