Mark Zuckerberg on Saturday Night LiveFrom PopEater: Last night's 'Saturday Night Live' was hardly what you'd call a Mark Zuckerberg Production, but it did feature a spirited cameo from the Facebook co-founder.

As predicted, Zuckerberg wasn't about to let Jesse Eisenberg -- newly Oscar-nominated for playing the young lawsuit magnet in 'The Social Network' -- hog the 'SNL' spotlight.

During the 27-year-old actor's stammering monologue about his faux bravado in nervewracking situations, a hoodie-clad Andy Samberg sidled onstage impersonating Zuckerberg. And while they bantered, 'SNL' impresario Lorne Michaels stood offstage, wondering which joker was actually the 26-year-old TIME Person of the Year.

By Lorne's side? The real deal.
Zuck delivered his punchlines with a grin ("Those guys are such nerds. I invented 'poking!'"), and soon stepped onstage as Samberg skedaddled ("Wait, have you two not met? Awkward!").

It was a stilted summit meeting, but as a Winklevoss might put it, very collegial ... in a dorky way ... where one of the dorks is a bazillionaire.

While Eisenberg was clearly unintimidated by Zuck's wealth/power, his description of his 'Social Network' role seemed carefully worded: "I was playing a fictional character in a movie script" (recall screenwriter Aaron Sorkin at the Golden Globes: "I want to thank....Mark Zuckerberg for his willingness to allow us to use his life and work as a metaphor through which to tell a story").

So Zuckerberg's gone from a controversial Internet pioneer, to a fictional metaphor, to a pretty good sport on 'SNL.'

Check out the Facebook face-off for yourself:

-written by Christine Fenno
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