Maybe it's because we like rooting for the underdog, but Michael Ashton's low-budget short, 'Lazy Teenage Superheroes,' eclipses other big-budget takes on the genre like gangbusters -- and it was made for a whopping $300. Ashton -- who created, directed, edited, and composed the visual effects for the snarky short -- has made his mark on the increasingly popular breed of antihero / superhuman / loveable slacker with awesome powers.

The team in 'Lazy Teenage Superheroes' is more interested in getting stoned and drunk and ogling porn than using their gifts to save the world. In other words, they're teenagers.

The average dude among them is Tyler. He moves in with the crew and is prone to bouts of fantasy about sharing their powers, which no one seems seem terribly interested in wielding. When facing their foes, the superheroes (named after various kinds of beers) prove they are more skilled in the art of procrastination than battle. Eventually they don't have a choice, and the string of events that follows is an amusing lead-in to the ultimate showdown.
As other sites have pointed out, the effects, writing, acting and humor outdo several comparable TV shows like 'Heroes' or 'No Ordinary Family.' This is clearly a movie made by fans who understand what other fans of the genre want to watch. You can check out 'Lazy Teenage Superheroes' below, where there's also a behind-the-scenes video that gives you a peek at how Ashton added the SFX. Hopefully someone out there gives these guys a shot at a bigger project -- they earned it.