In 2009, Emma Roberts starred in a movie about a girl who opens a hotel for dogs, aptly titled 'Hotel for Dogs.' But now, a math teacher in the U.K. has made it reality. Almost.

Dave Roberts (no relation) has opened a hotel for chickens, a place where chicken owners can leave their birds while they go on vacation.

Roberts keeps his own chickens as a hobby, which is where he got the idea to open the "hotel."
The hotel will offer three meals a day, opportunities to roam the grounds and a nursery for chicken eggs to hatch.

Roberts said the burden of having chickens shouldn't prevent people from keeping them as pets. He hopes the Chicken Hotel will relieve people of the stress of caring for chickens and make them more open to having them in their homes.

People who wish to check their chickens into the Chicken Hotel can find out more information here.

We can't wait for the film adaptation, probably called 'Hotel for Chickens,' starring ... Jaden Smith?
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