There's a celebration going on in February that doesn't require you to sell your soul to the Hallmark gods in order to prove your worth. Flowers and candy only last a little while, but women in the horror genre have been around forever. Artist and writer Hannah Neurotica is a Jill of all trades, but her most recent claim to fame is the introduction of February as Women in Horror Month. This is the second year that people across the globe are celebrating the feminine in fear -- recognizing the work of scream queens, directors, writers, effects artists and everyone in between.

Please visit Hannah's website to find out about how you can help raise awareness and shed light on a genre that is progressively changing. She's listing all the events taking place on the interwebs and in your area all month long.

After the jump, celebrate Women in Horror Month with us by checking out a list of our favorite final girls (in no particular order). Feel free to share your picks in the comments section. In many ways the final girl is the ultimate symbol of a strong woman, because no matter what the killer tries to do, she refuses to be broken. Some of the most unlikely characters end up as final girls after going through a transformation and confronting their fears. Others you can spot a mile away -- particularly if she's the girl avoiding drinking, drugs and sex (a fast way to send yourself to the chopping block). No matter how you slice it, the final girl is who you want on your side when faced with the knife-wielding weirdo. She reigns supreme.

[spoilers ahead]