Note: This article makes some sweeping generalizations about movie geeks. Deal with it.

This Sunday night, Americans will unite around their TV sets to take part in a long-standing cultural tradition: watching a smorgasbord of new commercials and movie trailers. But if you find yourself bored by the football game that interrupts the commercial segments, the night can just drag on. "Why can't they just show three and a half hours of clever ads, and put the game on somewhere else?" you must be asking.

Luckily, Volkswagen understands your concerns, and have released one of their new Super Bowl spots to the internet, so that we at least have something to watch in between commercial breaks. And whether you're a hardcore 'Star Wars' fan or just someone who marathon'ed the trilogy on TV once -- it features a move we all did, when we thought no one was looking.

We don't know if admitting to liking a commercial destroys all our punk rock, anti-corporate credibility -- but whatever; the mini Darth Vader kid was adorable looking. Let's hope the rest of the commercials are as clever as this one, otherwise we're in for a long night.

By the way, we sense a great disturbance in the Force... it's telling us the Steelers have the better defense, and will pull out a victory on Sunday night. Deal with it.
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