Super Bowl Sunday is upon us, and we all know what that means: Pass the guacamole. While there's certainly a contingent of football fans truly interested in the outcome of the game, most of us just care about how many layers will be in the bean dip this year.

To honor eating until your pants split, we've compiled our 10 favorite binge-eating scenes from movies, a list that includes such cinematic legends as Paul Newman, John Belushi and the Fat Boys. So sit back, unbuckle that belt and feast on these clips that would make any 360-pound offensive lineman proud.
10. 'Disorderlies' (1987)
The Scene: The Fat Boys scarf down cake
The Quote: "Use a plate, man!"
Three Fat Boys vs. 16 cakes: You know who we're putting our money on. Obviously, these delicious-looking cakes don't stand a chance once legendary rap goofballs the Human Beatbox, Prince Markie-Dee and Kool Rock-Ski sit down to chow. The titanic trio's looks of hunger and happiness seem genuinely sincere; we're guessing the gang didn't need a director on par with Martin Scorsese to elicit the proper emotions during filming.

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9. 'Spaceballs' (1987)
The Scene: Pizza the Hutt eats himself to death.
The Quote: "On a sadder note, Pizza the Hutt was found dead earlier today in the back seat of his stretched limo."
The villain in Mel Brooks' 'Star Wars' spoof suffers an ugly, yet delicious, fate when he becomes locked in his limo and has to eat himself to death. We never actually get to see the carnage, but the mental image of Pizza the Hutt -- a nasty mix of meat, cheese and the voice of Dom DeLuise -- fatally consuming himself is enough to permanently nix Cheesy Bites from your diet.

8. 'Super Size Me' (2004)
The Scene: Morgan Spurlock orders from the Drive-Thru.
The Quote: "Right now I got some McGas that's rocking."
This whole film is a binge as Morgan Spurlock downs nothing but McDonalds for 30 straight days. Sure, he lost all credibility by puking up his first Double Quarter Pounder meal, but that doesn't make it any less entertaining to watch as he eats himself sick. Besides, if you hate snarky documentarians, it's very liberating to watch this crusading independent filmmaker experience myriad health issues from huffing down Happy Meals, all just to prove his point.

7. 'National Lampoon's Animal House' (1978)
The Scene: Bluto starts a food fight.
The Quote: "I'm a zit, get it?"
Bluto (John Belushi) doesn't really put on a binge-eating clinic here, but he does offend most of the people at his table, so it's good enough for us. After a nice mix of hamburger and JELL-O, he tops everything off with a sturdy helping of mashed potatoes. Bluto then shares said potatoes with his fellow diners, like the true gentleman that he is.

6. 'Funny Farm' (1988)
The Scene: Chevy Chase unwittingly sets a dubious eating record.
The Quote: "Call me Mr. Lamb Fries!"
Andy Farmer (Chevy Chase) tries to show off for his special lady the way most dudes would: by eating a whole lot of sheep testicles. As the locals marvel, an unknowing Andy rips through a record-setting 31 "lamb fries." Once Chase pulls off an exaggerated spit-take, the scene, like Chase's then-thriving career shortly thereafter, comes to a close.

5. 'The Great Outdoors' (1988)
The Scene: John Candy takes on the Old 96er.
The Quote: "There's nothing on that plate but gristle and fat."
In one corner, Chet Ripley (John Candy), weighing in at 300-plus pounds. In the other corner, the Old 96er, Paul Bunyan's Blue Ox steak, coming in at 6 pounds of prime aged beef. In a hugely misguided attempt to get a free dinner out of a local steakhouse, Ripley must become a member of the Clean Plate Club. With a little coaching from his loudmouth brother-in-law (Dan Akroyd), Ripley achieves immortality -- and even plows through dessert to win a couple free hats for the kids.

4. 'Stand by Me' (1986)
The Scene: Lard-ass coughs up some pies.
The Quote: "A complete and total barf-o-rama."
Did this really happen? Or is it just a figment of a teenager's imagination? Who cares -- it involves a guy named Lard-ass! According to legend, Davey "Lard-ass" Hogan (Andy Lindberg) enters a pie-eating contest with the sole intention of upchucking all over the rest of the townspeople who revel in making fun of him. Minutes before the contest kicks off, he chugs a volatile mixture of castor oil and raw eggs to properly charge up his digestive system. A couple of pies later, sympathy puking rips through the crowd and soon everyone finds themselves caked in chewed-up blueberry pies. Revenge is a dish best served lukewarm -- and then regurgitated.

3. 'Oldboy' (2003)
The Scene: Man consumes a live octopus at a sushi house.
The Quote: "I want to eat something alive."
After being held captive in a private, makeshift prison for 15 years, Oh Dae-su (Min-sik Choi) finally regains his freedom -- and boy is he hungry. So hungry, in fact, that he asks for the rawest dish he can get from the local sushi house: live octopus. Oh promptly gnaws off the head before passing out face first with a still squirming tentacle trying to escape his jaw's grasp. Yikes. At least the sheep balls were cooked.

2. 'Monty Python's The Meaning of Life' (1983)
The Scene: John Cleese is a very accommodating French waiter.
The Quote: "Don't skimp on the pate."
Monty Python offer its take on life's autumn years and it's messier than sitting front row at a Gallagher show. When Mr. Creosote (Terry Jones) waddles into his favorite uppity French restaurant, he's already suffering from a severe case of visible indigestion. Before he even orders, he tosses his cookies (along with whatever else he's eaten that day). When asked which item he'd like from the menu, Creosote asks for all of them -- along with a bucket to hold the endless waterfall of spew spraying out of his gullet. Upon finishing a wafer thin mint for dessert, Creosote explodes, leaving him with nothing but his rib-cage, his beating heart and the check.

1. 'Cool Hand Luke' (1967)
The Scene: Paul Newman tries to eat 50 eggs.
The Quote: "I can eat fifty eggs."
Luke (Paul Newman) is one cool customer. (Didn't you read the title, dummy?) He's even cool enough to down 50 hard-boiled eggs just to kill time. Long before Rocky Balboa made training with eggs classic, Luke made training to eat eggs classic. Step one: jog in circles. Step two: rub your stomach to move all the food out of the way. Step three: massage your throat while eating to make sure the last few eggs make it all the way down. In the end, Luke's left lying victorious in a pile of cracked egg shells with a second-trimester stomach bulge.

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