Yesterday was Seth Green's 37th birthday. Yep, the redhead whom we've known since childhood is approaching the big 4-0. That fact surprised us as much as anyone, so we decided to look back at Green's long career. That's when we saw his credits and remembered, Wow, 'Can't Hardly Wait' was awesome.

The 1998 teen comedy -- an homage to 1980s film romps -- is about a group of graduating high school seniors and their last night to party together before splitting up for college. While largely overlooked during its release, 'Can't Hardly Wait' has developed a rabid cult following and propelled a number of young actors into successful careers.

To celebrate all things Seth Green during his birthday week, Moviefone takes a look at where he and the rest of the cast of 'Can't Hardly Wait' are today.
Seth Green (Kenny "Special K" Fisher)
Then: In his early 20s, Green had already been working for more than a decade in cinema. The Philadelphia native landed his fist role, as Benjamin 'Ape-Face' Andrews in 1984's 'Billions for Boris' and has worked ever since. As a child actor, he appeared in the memorable films 'The Hotel New Hampshire,''Can't Buy Me Love,''Pump Up the Volume' and 'Radio Days,' in which he played Woody Allen as a child. A year before playing wannabe-thug Kenny, our birthday boy shot his biggest role to date: Scott Evil in 'Austin Powers.'

Now: Like many Hollywood veterans, Green has also moved behind the camera. He co-created and produces Cartoon Network's 'Robot Chicken,' executive-produces the network's 'Titan Maximum' and voices several animated characters on Fox's 'Family Guy.' Green also continues to act; he's recently done films such as 'Old Dogs,' 'Sex Drive' and 'The Italian Job,' as well as numerous TV roles, including a hilarious recurring role as himself on 'Entourage.' In Robert Zemeckis's upcoming film for Disney, 'Mars Needs Moms,' Green provides the voice of Milo, the main character.

Lauren Ambrose (Denise Fleming)
Then: Before her character absconded with Kenny's virginity in 'Can't Hardly Wait,' Ambrose studied voice and opera at the Boston University Tanglewood Institute, appeared in numerous Off-Broadway productions and landed a few small roles (such as 'Law & Order'). Her first film role came in 1997's 'In & Out,' as one of the Kevin Kline's students.

Now: Denise was a launching pad for Ambrose's most famous role, Claire in HBO's funeral-home dramedy 'Six Feet Under.' Both characters are artsy, misunderstood and consistently after the wrong guys. The series ran five seasons and established a dedicated following of fans and critics. In 2006, she made her Broadway debut in the revival of 'Awake and Sing!' and continues to pursue theater work. You may have recognized her deadpan voice as KW in 'Where the Wild Things Are.' Look for her in the upcoming David Wain comedy 'Wanderlust,' alongside Jennifer Aniston.

Ethan Embry (Preston Meyers)
Then: Embry began acting at 13 and very quickly landed roles in 'Defending Your Life,' 'Dutch' and 'All I Want for Christmas.' As a teen actor, he transitioned well into cult favorites 'Empire Records,''That Thing You Do!' and 'Dancer, Texas Pop. 81.' In 1997, he became the fourth actor to play Clark Griswold's son, Rusty, when he co-starred in 'Vegas Vacation.'

Now: Preston is the guy the viewer is supposed to root for -- and the same may apply to Embry. He always seems like such a nice fellow -- but unfortunately, he may never match his teen success. In 2000, Embry starred in the short-lived series 'Freakylinks' (by the producers of 'The Blair Witch Project'). He later landed forgettable parts in 'Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle,''Sweet Home Alabama' and 'Eagle Eye.' A role in Showtime's drama 'Brotherhood' (as Declan Giggs) is his best-known part as an adult. Hopefully, he'll turn things around as Frick in the upcoming fantasy film, 'The Witches of Oz.'

Jennifer Love Hewitt (Amanda Beckett)
Then: At the time, Hewitt was the next big thing in entertainment. The object of desire for many guys, she established herself as a triple threat: in television, film and music. She joined the cast of 'Party of Five' in 1995 and, shortly afterward, Atlantic Records released her major label debut, 'Let's Go Bang.' She also began dating popular MTV VJ Carson Daly. In 1997, 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' launched Hewitt to proto–Miley Cyrus levels.

Now: Despite being adored by many fans, Hewitt's role as Amanda didn't propel her upward and made '98 her last huge year. She managed to remain in the limelight with 'I Still Know What You Did Last Summer,''Heartbreakers' and her CBS show, 'Ghost Whisperer' (which ran five seasons), but Love, by and large, is merely liked now. She is maintaining a multi-tiered career, though; her first book, 'The Day I Shot Cupid: Hello, My Name Is Jennifer Love Hewitt and I'm a Love-aholic' was released last year.

Charlie Korsmo (William Lichter)
Then: Korsmo began a lucrative child-acting career in 1990 with a role in 'Men Don't Leave' and as the Kid in 'Dick Tracy.' The Fargo, N.D., native went on to land prominent parts in 'What About Bob?', alongside Bill Murray, and 'Hook,' alongside Robin Williams. With all of that experience under his belt, playing the audience-beloved geek William in 'Can't Hardly Wait' became Korsmo's big coming-out.

Now: Like 'Seinfeld' and Barry Sanders, Korsmo decided to leave acting while he was on top. He enrolled in MIT, earning a degree in physics -- turns out that geek charm wasn't all acting. After school, he began working for the U.S. government in missile defense and for the Environmental Protection Agency. Not content with just science, Korsmo earned a doctorate from Yale Law School and became a lawyer in New York City. Currently, he's a visiting professor at Brooklyn Law School.

Peter Facinelli (Mike Dexter)
Then: Facinelli gained the attention of Hollywood in the television films 'The Price of Love,' 'Calm at Sunset,' 'After Jimmy' and 'An Unfinished Affair,' the latter alongside his future wife, Jennie Garth. At 25 years old, Facinelli was the oldest "teen" in 'Can't Hardly Wait'; he also played a teen alongside 'Wait' co-stars Ethan Embry and Breckin Meyer that same year in 'Dancer, Texas Pop. 81.'

Now: Much of Facinelli's career between then and now is unremarkable. He appeared in 'Supernova,''Riding in Cars with Boys,''The Scorpion King' and starred in the short-lived Fox drama 'Fastlane.' However, things really started to heat up in 2007 when he played a pivotal role in the first season of 'Damages,' opposite Glenn Close. Then his cash cow rolled into town: the part as Dr. Carlisle Cullen in 'Twilight.' He landed a role on Showtime's 'Nurse Jackie' shortly thereafter. Now his children -- Luca Bella, Lola Ray and Fiona Eve (which, come on, all sound like vampire names) -- can truly be proud of their dad.

Jerry O'Connell (Trip McNeely)
Then: This Native New Yorker made a huge splash with his first role as fat kid Vern Tesslo in 1986's 'Stand by Me.' As a teenager, he thinned out and starred in the Canadian TV series 'My Secret Identity' for three seasons before leaving to major in film at NYU and compete on the school's fencing team. Leaving his fat kid persona behind, O'Connell began playing attractive goofballs in 'Calendar Girl,''Joe's Apartment,''Jerry Maguire' and 'Scream 2.'

Now: Including his cameo in 'Wait,' O'Connell had a solid 10-year run of appearing in at least one movie a year from 1996 through 2006, including: 'Body Shots,''Mission to Mars,''Tomcats,''Kangaroo Jack' and 'Room 6.' Over the next two years, he took a little time off to marry supermodel Rebecca Romijn, have twin girls with her and star in two canceled TV series ('Carpoolers' and 'Do Not Disturb'). He's since returned to film and television, with roles in 'Obsessed' and 'Piranha 3-D' on the big screen, as well as the CBS legal drama 'The Defenders.'

Jenna Elfman (The Angel Stripper)
Then: The sister-in-law of composer Danny Elfman, her uncredited cameo as a kind-hearted stripper / possible real angel came directly on the wings of the first season of her hit ABC comedy series 'Dharma & Greg.' Before that show, her eight-year professional career had been a series of tiny parts such TV shows as 'NYPD Blue,' 'Murder, She Wrote' and 'Roseanne'; she also had a funny moment in 'Grosse Point Blank' as Tanya, the alum in the neck brace. A few months before 'Wait,' 'Krippendorf's Tribe' marked her first starring film role.

Now: The momentum of her strong 1998 carried Elfman into notable parts, such as those in 'EDtv,' alongside Matthew McConaughey, and 'Keeping the Faith,' with Ben Stiller and Edward Norton. 'Dharma & Greg' continued to grow in popularity and ran for five seasons and garnered multiple Emmy nominations until its cancellation in 2002. Since then, she's starred in two short-lived series: 'Courting Alex' and 'Accidently on Purpose.' Look for her in the upcoming film 'Friends With Benefits,' starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake.

Breckin Meyer (Lovebürger Lead Singer)
Then: Meyer grew up in Beverly Hills and went to school with Drew Barrymore (he was reportedly her first kiss). Barrymore's agent met Meyer through her and signed the child actor. Meyer did primarily commercial work until he became the go-to actor for teen druggie roles: 'Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare,''Clueless,''The Craft' and John Carpenter's 'Escape From L.A.'

Now: The same year as 'Wait,' Meyer appeared in '54,' alongside Ryan Phillippe. They became friends and even started a production company with Seth Green. He's also worked as a writer on 'Robot Chicken' and voices the lead character in 'Titan Maximum'; he's also had big roles in the movies 'Road Trip,''Rat Race,''Garfield: The Movie' and 'Herbie: Fully Loaded.' Also a serious drummer, Meyer plays regularly with Tom Morello, Ben Harper, Slash and Cypress Hill. In 2001, he even married Deborah Kaplan, the co-writer and co-director of 'Can't Hardly Wait' -- and they've since had a daughter.

Melissa Joan Hart (Vicki the Yearbook Girl)
Then: Hart first hit the radar as a precocious pre-teen star in Nickelodeon's 'Clarissa Explains It All' and then moved to the supernatural sitcom 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch.' Though the show ran well past her teenage years, Hart played Sabrina for seven seasons. Her uncredited role as the obnoxious girl who insisted on everyone signing her yearbook in 'Wait' seemed to be a step away from her former roles, but she didn't continue in that direction.

Now: At 34 years old, Hart is married to musician Mark Wilkerson and they have two sons together, Mason and Braydon. Hart actually documented her Mason's potty training, which included video, for Pull Ups brand diapers. In 2009, she competed in 'Dancing With the Stars' and finished ninth. Last year, she returned to her family sitcom roots with the show 'Melissa & Joey,' alongside fellow former teen star Joey Lawrence.

Jason Segel (Watermelon Guy)
Then: At 6-foot-4, Segel became a basketball star at Harvard-Westlake High School in California and helped the team win a state championship. However, growing up outside of Los Angeles gave Segel the acting bug rather than basketball dreams. He got involved in a number of productions at the Palisades Playhouse and before long, began auditioning for TV and film roles. His two or three lines in 'Wait' as the stoner who loved watermelon are considered his first part.

Now: In addition to 'Wait,' Segel also appeared in 'Dead Man on Campus' and 'SLC Punk!' in 1998. The next year he became a cast member in Judd Apatow and Paul Feig's beloved series 'Freaks and Geeks' and then had a recurring role in Apatow's underrated 'Undeclared.' As part of the Apatow pack, Segel played a memorable part in 'Knocked Up' and then wrote and starred in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall.' As of late, he's been especially busy with his role as Marshall on the popular sitcom 'How I Met Your Mother' and starring in 'I Love You Man,''Gulliver's Travels' and voicing Vector in 'Despicable Me.' Next up for Segel is the highly anticipated 'Muppets' movie, opposite Amy Adams.

Deborah Kaplan / Harry Elfont (writers/directors)
Then: Kaplan and Elfont met while enrolled at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. Together they co-wrote 'A Very Brady Sequel' before writing and directing 'Can't Hardly Wait.'

Now: The creative team has gone on to write the screenplays for 'The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas,''Surviving Christmas,''Made of Honor' and 'Leap Year,' as well as writing and directing 'Josie and the Pussycats.' Expect the two to write another family comedy or rom-com sometime soon -- hey, how about a 'Can't Hardly Wait' sequel, guys?
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