If there's one thing to be said for Christian Bale, it's that he never shies away from morphing his body for the role at hand over and over and over again.

This is the man who took his soft, indie-starring form and turned it into a sculpture of '80s slick, muscular perfection in 'American Psycho.' Not long after that, he starred in 'The Machinist,' where producers claim that he lost 63 pounds -- from 173 down to 110 -- and that they had to stop him from losing more. He regained it to play Batman, and had a nice little stretch before shrinking down again to play Dicky Eklund in 'The Fighter.'

And now, though he's just come back to normal size, he's already looking at his next body-intensive adventure: An adaptation of J.G. Ballard's 'Concrete Island,' which will re-team Bale with 'Machinist' director Brad Anderson and writer Scott Kosar.
This goodie comes by way of We Got This Covered, and while details are scarce, we've got the original story to flesh out particulars. Ballard's tome focuses on an architect, Robert Maitland, whose car flies over the parapet on a high-speed highway, crashing to the "island" below. He's injured, only able to live on what was in his car and what he can find. From the Amazon description: "What begins as an almost ludicrous predicament soon turns into horror as Maitland -- a wickedly modern Robinson Crusoe -- realizes that, despite evidence of other inhabitants, this doomed terrain has become a mirror of his own mind. Seeking the dark outer rim of the everyday, Ballard weaves private catastrophe into an intensely specularallegory."

Bale's doing really well these days, especially having gained his first Oscar nomination for 'The Fighter,' but it will definitely be nice to get him into the strangely cerebral worlds that helped kick-start his fame. Let's just hope it comes to fruition. (Anderson claims it'll be further down the road once Bale's schedule frees up.) And if it does, there's one more reunion of note: Bale's first big role had him starring as Jamie in the Ballard adaptation 'Empire of the Sun.'
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