Who celebrates Valentine's Day on a Monday night? Sadly, this year, the most romantic holiday of the year lands on the night of the first day of the workweek. Clearly that's lame and not very romantic, so odds are, many of you will opt to enjoy the festivities over the weekend. However, that doesn't mean you should completely skip over Monday, February 14th. In fact, why not make it a movie night?

Now, here's the big question – what movie to watch? Picking a Valentine's Day movie is the absolute key to a successful night. If you put on the most terrifying horror movie out there and your little lady is terrified, I doubt she'll be up for much else after. A romantic comedy for your 'Rambo'-loving boyfriend? I'm betting he'll nod off within minutes. No, this is a decision that must appeal to both sides of the relationship so you can both have the kind of night you're hoping for.

What kind of night is that? Of course, that's for you to decide, but we've got a Cinematical Seven for you that could help. We've got everything covered -- from an option for couples looking to get a little emotional to the ones that would rather just skip all the nonsense and get right on to you know what. What should your movie of choice be? Hopefully this list will steer you in the right direction.

'The Notebook' for a Night of Cuddling
Interested in drying some tears? Well, there's no better way to get the waterworks flowing than by watching 'The Notebook.' You know what happens when the ladies shed some tears? They need consolation. Let the cuddling begin! Even better, this movie goes both ways. Having trouble getting your man in that lovey dovey mood? Well, 'The Notebook' is certainly your best shot at getting him into the holiday spirit. Come on; we're talking soulmates torn apart by society's expectations here – not to mention one of the most emotional endings in movie history.

for Budding Young Love

One of the beauties of being young is that that idealistic vision of relationships and falling in love is still intact. Why not keep the hope alive with a film that thrives on just that? When 'Twilight' hit theaters back in 2008, young girls throughout the world fell head over heels for Edward Cullen. Okay, and Jacob, too. Well, as long as you're confident enough to compete with these teen fantasies, pop in 'Twilight,' brood a bit and then revel in the fact that you're still young enough to believe in this garbage – er, beautiful romantic saga.

'Paranormal Activity' If You Don't Want to Sleep Alone
Whether or not sleepovers are your thing, after catching 'Paranormal Activity,' you won't have much of a choice. After sitting through an 86-minute movie of things going bump in the night, the last thing you want to be doing is playing ghost hunter all alone in the dark. There's no better excuse to buddy up for the night than by suggesting your chances against a demon are far better if it's a 2v1. Just make sure neither of you gets possessed.

'Knocked Up' to Laugh and Learn a Lesson
This one goes out to all the lovely young ladies of MTV's 'Teen Mom.' If you'd only just had a movie night and watched 'Knocked Up,' perhaps you would have thought twice before crawling into a bed with someone that's far from the man of your dreams. And this one comes with an added bonus; it's absolutely hilarious. Valentine's day doesn't always have to be all mushy and tender; it can be a hilarious romantic blast, too.

'Wild Things' to Get Hot and Heavy
If you skipped straight to this selection, I'd like to bet I know what's on your mind for the holiday. You just want to get down to business on Monday night, don't you? Well, there's something perfect for that at the end of the list, but if you'd rather take it slow and steady in a sick and twisted manner, 'Wild Things' could be your movie of choice. Surely you don't want your relationship to be anything like Sam, Kelly and Suzie's twisted love triangle, but there's no doubt that despite the dirty, insidious and often violent events that take place here, there's a whole lot of eroticism to be had, too. And, well, that is what you were looking for, right?

'American Beauty'
to Get the Message Across Without Saying it Yourself

So, you've been stuck in this relationship and just don't have the heart to say that's that or perhaps you don't even care and just want to take the quick and easy way out. Well, if you sit down on Valentine's Day and turn on something like 'American Beauty,' it's sure to get the wheels in your other half's head turning. This one comes packed with a nice batch of things not to do in a relationship. Stalk the girl you like with a video camera? Not such a good idea. Hit on your daughter's best friend? The wife probably won't appreciate that. Better off just playing happy housewife/provider regardless of those deep-seeded frustrations, right? Well, not really, but you get the point.

'Grown Ups,''Howl' or 'My Soul to Take' to Get Down to Business ASAP
Here's the key to a sexually driven Valentine's Day. No, there's nothing particularly sexual about any of these movies, but they all do have one thing common – they're awful. If your V-Day plan is to have a quiet night in and watch a movie, you're basically guaranteeing yourself at least a 90-minute wait until the action can shift to the bedroom. However, what if you turn on a downright terrible movie? Odds are – hopefully – you'll get fed up way before the credits role and move on to something a little more exciting. Just in case these movies do manage to taint the air a bit, be sure you select one from the genre of your liking.

Happy Valentine's Day to all and may they be filled with only the most appropriate movies!

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