The Pixar Animation Studios complex in California looks exactly like what you'd expect. There are giant fluffy couches and pool and ping-pong tables and huge pictures of their most successful movies and a display case with all the studio's Oscars.

But we've rarely gotten to actually see behind the scenes of the studio beloved for the creation of the 'Toy Story' franchise, 'Up,''Wall-E' and numerous other favorites.
The N.Y. Times Goes Inside Pixar Studios

The New York Times' Melena Ryzik got the chance to go inside Pixar and talk to 'Toy Story 3' director Lee Unkrich, Pixar producers and animators, as well as watch them work on some familiar faces -- Buzz Lightyear, anyone?

The clip also shows Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, the voice actors for 'Toy Story,' recording a scene from 'Toy Story 3.' The animators and actors alike have to work their energy up and to see what running, jumping and climbing would actually look like.

"People think we press a button on a computer and a movie pops out," Unkrich says, "but we believe very strongly in research."

What started with 1995's 'Toy Story' and 50 employees has now grown to at least 12,000 people. The building, designed by Steve Jobs, also has secret rooms with a TV and a bar and a guestbook signed by (from what we can see, at least) actor Michael Cera and director Edgar Wright.

The six-minute video is fascinating, a really cool look at the studio churning out the only animated movies dominating both the awards shows and audience's hearts!
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