What's the best way for a new teen-centric film to acquire a huge, built-in fanbase? Grab stars from two wildly successful franchises about to wrap up.

In one corner, we've got Taylor Lautner, never-not-semi-nude werewolf from 'The Twilight Saga.' He's been left in the dust by Bella and is about to get involved in one hell of a politically incorrect romance. In the other corner, there's Emma Watson, the smart-as-all-hell teen witch and reliable friend to one Harry Potter. They, along with their friends, are about to face off against an evil wizard who massacred a large number of their parents and older folks.

And now the two worlds might collide in 'Incarceron.'
In December, Taylor Lautner signed onto the sci-fi/fantasy adaptation of Catherine Fisher's young adult tome, and now Just Jared reports that Emma Watson is the top contender to star opposite him. Naturally. What studio wouldn't want to merge the worlds of this era's two big, youthful blockbusters?

The story focuses on a young man and woman. He wakes up in a massive prison known as Incarceron, one so large that it contains cities, forests and seas. He has no memory, but he's sure he came from the Outside, although no one has been doomed to Incarceron for centuries. She is the daughter of the warden, living in a manor held in the 17th century and run by computers. She's doomed to an arranged marriage and involved in an assassination plot ... until she finds a special key.

Can prisons and old worlds become the next big franchise with Lautner and Watson? Will they have any chemistry? Can Lautner soar without sparkly vampires? Do you wish it was Robert Pattinson (since Cedric was matched with Cho Chang and not Hermione)? Weigh in below.
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