It's hard not to pick on a filmmaker like Uwe Boll; most of his movies stink and he willingly courts controversy like it's a sport. And that's a shame, really, because having heard the man speak in person, it's clear his passion for filmmaking is genuine even if his art falls short of his ambition. Yet every time we try to convince ourselves that Boll should be taken seriously, he does something goofy and lowers our expectations all over again.

Case in point: Uwe Boll has announced that early next week he will draw up criminal charges against the Berlin Film Festival. The charges? "Breach of trust and unfair competition in its selection process." As dramatic as that sounds, however, the reality behind it is, in typical Boll fashion, much more comical.
Basically, Uwe Boll will be suing the festival because he feels he shouldn't have had to pay the roughly $170 entry fee for his film 'Auschwitz.' The cantankerous German director interprets the fact that the fest waived the fee for other films and not his as a sign that the fest's director, who is apparently an old rival of Boll's, was intentionally trying to keep his concentration camp film out of competition. The trouble with Boll's accusation is that it doesn't hold any water. Like almost every other film festival on the planet, Berlinale's submission fee is assessed to films applying for competition; if a film is invited directly by the fest (most likely because they saw it elsewhere first), the application fee doesn't apply. 'Auschwitz' wasn't invited.

Will anything come of the lawsuit aside from the free press associated with bemused posts like these? No, probably not. It's highly unlikely the fest will make any exceptions or change their policies in the future, and Boll is independently exhibiting his film concurrent to the festival, anyway. This is just another in a long line of Boll's 'everyone is against me' image tactics. And lest we forget what film caused the scandal in the first place, here's the trailer for 'Auschwitz.'

Warning, it's horrible. And yes, that is Boll as a Nazi standing guard outside of a furnace.