You can pooh-pooh Valentine's Day all you like, but word on the street is that everyone loves presents. No one will hate you for buying them something amazing, especially when put your noggin to good use and get creative. Luckily, you can do just that with gifts for your favorite movie geek, because 1. we're awesome and 2. most of us would probably rather eat cheesy food products and snuggle up to our favorite flick than brave the fine dining freak-out. If you need a little last minute help, check out a few of these geektastical gift ideas (run!).
For the 'Star Wars' Geeks Who Just Wanna Get it On

Boys like their toys and girls just wanna have fun. Put the two together, add 'Star Wars' and make the sexy. Chances are, your geeky half probably has a lightsaber or two hanging around the house -- you just add the romance (cue muzak). Slave Leia and Han Solo costumes optional, or you're doing it wrong.

For the Geek Who's Sweet

Be the Keymaster to their Gatekeeper by winning them over with these tasty, caffeinated Stay Puft marshmallows à la 'Ghostbusters.' Get sticky for Gozer and feed your sweetie the gooey remnants of an obese, lumbering paranormal entity. This is where I'd like to make a dirty joke about Slimer, but I really love my job.

For the Geek Who Thinks Outside the Box

Some badass geek made a Han Solo in Carbonite chocolate bar. You can haz the mad skills like them by checking out their Instructables page, where the entire process is outlined. If you're aiming for a marriage proposal, check out the tips included for creating the chocolate mold out of freaking Legos (!). Great for DIY lovers, and anyone who wishes Han was more of a sexual chocolate like Billy Dee Williams/Lando.

For the Geek Who's Got Brains

Flowers die, but zombies live forever until you beat their brains in with a shovel. You can keep this one in your flowerbed, because every block needs one of those people who leaves Halloween decorations up year-round. It's spooky, it's romantic, and your hoes will love it. (Garden hoes!)

For the Geek Who Likes to Heat Things Up

These superhero aprons are awesome, especially if your honey wants to cook dinner for two and keep it on afterward for role-playing adventures. That is, if you don't get distracted by a debate over Catwoman in the new 'Batman' film and end up hating each other. Extra tip when sweet-talking the Batfans: Don't call the movie 'Inception 2: The Dark Knight Rises' and start ranting about casting rumors. And be careful with the word "rises." We don't want any undue pressure.

For the Geek with The Golden Gun

James Bond junkies will love anything from this website, which breaks the fandomania of it all down into neat little categories. You can purchase everything from gadgets and games, to the sexy bikinis that Bond's lovely ladies have worn. Your plans for a V-day shaken, not stirred will be a smashing success -- as long as MGM doesn't fall apart before they manage to make 'Bond 23.'
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