If you're an actor looking for your big break -- or just a comic fan dying to don spandex on the big screen -- then you should book a trip to New Mexico post-haste. The state, which has become a hot spot for shooting Hollywood productions thanks to generous tax breaks and cheap labor, is hosting an event entiteld Film and Media Day on Feb. 16. The affair sounds pretty cool, and will feature acting classes, stunt demonstrations and casting agents who will be on hand scouting for the next big star. That last part is the one that should get people excited, because one New Mexico production that will be present and looking to fill roles is none other than Joss Whedon's highly anticipated 'The Avengers.'

That's right, the opportunity to fulfill your superhero dreams is right around the corner. While many of the main roles have already been filled, the Marvel universe is full of secondary and ancillary characters who could maybe turn up in the film if the right "performer" convinced Whedon their inclusion was essential to the film's success. Ladies, break out your Dazzler costumes! And please make sure it's her original costume and not her 'X-Men' one -- there's enough crazy crossover happening in Marvel's world as it is.
If you need some inspiration or just something to get you in an 'Avengers' mood, check out the fan-made trailer from YouTuber TheResistanceRises. In this clever clip, he pulls footage from 'The Incredible Hulk,''Iron Man,''Captain America: The First Avenger,''Thor' and more to craft a really cool teaser for Whedon's film. Maybe this guy should head to New Mexico in search of a job editing the film's official trailer whenever it debuts ...

If you're in the New Mexico area and would like to attend Film and Media Day, the event will take place at the corner of Paseo de Peralta & Old Santa Fe Trail fom 10AM to 3PM. Everything at the event (including headshots) is free of charge. For more information, be sure to check out the official website.

[via ComingSoon.net and YouTube]
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