Valentine's Day is upon us. In the last handful of days, we've talked about the flicks you should avoid on this day of romance, the forgotten romantic comedies you should check out, and how to celebrate St. Valentine in proper geek style. But now that the day is here, the planning is done, so there's nothing left to do but enjoy ourselves ... and maybe try to live up to the best on-screen couples Hollywood has churned out over the years.

There are a lot of insanely chaotic couples out there -- from the bunny boilers to the indecent billionaires -- but separate the wheat from the chaff and some blissful pairs are left behind. Vanity Fair recently dared to come up with their favorite legendary couples, and we cannot ignore a list that includes Christian Slater and Winona Ryder from 'Heathers.' (Did you know that in 2007 an older Slater called Ryder still "the girl of my dreams"?) In fact, it's a pretty surprising list, and not entirely what you'd expect. Sure, there's the likes of 'Annie Hall,' 'Titanic' and 'Breakfast at Tiffany's,' but, for example, instead of Swayze & Grey, VF chose Swayze & Moore.

By our estimation, any list of legendary Hollywood couples would be remiss to not include...
Johnny Castle and Baby in 'Dirty Dancing'
While we must applaud some of the unique picks in the Vanity Fair piece, it seems strange to include 'Ghost' over 'Dirty Dancing.' They call the former "the movie that inspired the purchase of a thousand pottery wheels," but Demi and Patrick have nothing on Jennifer and Patrick. Their romance spurned dance classes and clothing lines (anyone else buy those knee-length jean shorts?), and is so beloved that everyone tuned into 'Dancing with the Stars' to see Jennifer Grey revisit the dirty, watermelon dancing.

Jesse and Celine in 'Before Sunrise' and 'Before Sunset'
Their romance is legendary -- two travelers who get to experience the one-night European tryst most folks only dream about. What's particularly remarkable is how they've grown and evolved, yet still maintain that heart-tugging romance -- he evolving from the cynic to the idealist through life's hardships, while her whimsy fell away to reveal bitterness. Yet no matter how they change, their connection remains electric. In fact, their chemistry and desire are so palpable that their love transcends the niche market of cerebral, philosophical romance and makes the couple one of Hollywood's true greats.

Nick and Nora Charles in 'The Thin Man'
All the above being said, no couple comes close to that of Nick and Nora Charles. Their love wasn't particularly steamy (on-camera) or tumultuous, but it was just so good that our imaginations could fill in the other details. They're the duo that bit their thumbs at Hollywood's usual movie coupledom, while sipping their martinis and giving a wink. Even today, they're pretty progressive and all-round perfect because their dynamism didn't come from poorly scripted drama and mistrust. It came from chemistry and humor.

Now that we've fleshed out Fair's list a little more, it's your turn. Who is your favorite cinematic couple?

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