Those flights from New York to London sure do get tiresome, and after a few drinks in first class, what's left to do except write love letters to the flight attendant? Over at Letters of Note, an amazing online archive of scanned letters, memos and notes by famous folks, you can see for yourself a strange missive from Marlon Brando himself way back in 1966. According to the site, Brando wrote this letter during the flight and handed it to the flight attendant as he was leaving the plane.

Brando was already a mega–movie star from his '50s films like 'A Streetcar Named Desire' and 'On the Waterfront,' but the '60s were a little more uneven for him. While filming 'Mutiny on the Bounty' in Tahiti, he bought the island of Tetiaroa and later married his co-star, the much younger Tarita Teriipia in 1962. It wasn't until 1972's 'The Godfather' that Brando really got his groove back. Although Brando wasn't quite in his Colonel Kurtz phase yet (or even Jor-El) it's still tough to determine whether or not this gesture is emphatically romantic or just a teensy-bit creepy. When we read the transcript, we couldn't help but imagine Vito Corleone mumbling it in our ear, especially the "Dear Lady" part.

What say you? Would only a hardened cynic reject a handwritten love letter from a probably drunk and bored Marlon Brando written on an airplane, or does it put you in the mood for love? Or to, you know, pass the butter? Read the full letter below ...

From Letters of Note:

Dear Lady -

There is something not quite definable in your face -- something lovely, not pretty in a conventionally thought of way. You have something graceful and tender and feminine (sp). You seem to be a woman who has been loved in her childhood, or else, somehow by the mystery of genetic phenomena you have been visited by the gifts of refinement, dignity and poise. Perhaps you cannot be accredited with all that.

Irrespective of your gothic aspects, you have passed something on in terms of your expression, mien and general comportment that is unusual and rewarding.

It's been a pleasant if brief encounter and I wish you well and I hope we shall have occasion to cross eyes again sometime.

Best wishes

Marlon Brando


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