By: Jenni Miller

There are varying schools of thought on the movie date. Some think it seems silly to try and get to know someone in the dark of a movie theater -- I mean, get to know each other's personalities, you frisky whippets! I tend to agree with this when it comes to more formal first dates, but I think seeing a movie with someone you have already been on one or two dates with can be a good way to feel out the other person's taste, sense of humor, and temperament. And I definitely agree with Christopher Campbell that going to a movie with your steady is an awesome thing indeed.

If going out to see Cannibal Holocaust at midnight is your dream date and you've found a guy or gal who's just as jazzed as you (or wants to hang out with you enough that s/he's willing to peek through their fingers when necessary), my magic eight ball says there could be a love connection there.

But what if the other person, who before your movie date seemed pretty awesome, texts the whole time or gets shouty with nearby teens who won't stop talking or otherwise behaves in a way that makes you embarrassed to be seen with him/her?
(Personal tolerance of other's behavior in public may vary. Also, similarly indicative behavior in other settings includes being rude to waiters, hocking loogies in public, drunken sobbing, etc.) Being stuck for two hours next to a person whose behavior makes you wanna crawl up your own you-know-what is a terrible way to spend the evening.

And sometimes seeing a movie together reveals other surprises about your date. I once went to see a stoner coming-of-age comedy set in the '80s on a third date. As the awkward, perpetually high protagonist began to tell his crush how much he cared for her, my date cried out, "NO!" Everyone in the theater knew the girl would smash this poor kid's heart to smithereens, but wasn't it great to see him at least have the cojones to go out there and declare it, no matter how great the risk and how likely the rejection? Hell, yeah! Sure, she broke his THC-encrusted heart, but dammit, that's how it goes sometimes. I saw the dopeness of the scene but my date only saw the wackness, if you will. It was a portent of things to come.

So, in honor of Valentine's Day, what's your worst, most awkward movie date SNAFU? Did your crush/infatuation/love survive the beating, or did you wish you could sneak out for popcorn and never come back?
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