UPDATE: According to the Detroit Free Press, enough money has now been raised for a RoboCop statue to be built in Detroit. Congrats fans, we'll post pics once it's up.

Just last week we reported on the ongoing debate in the city of Detroit over plans to build a RoboCop statue. If you don't have to time to catch up, here's the short version: the mayor of Detroit asked the Internet for ways to clean up his city. One twitter user suggested building a statue of Detroit's most famous police officer, RoboCop. The mayor foolishly responded to that suggestion and said "no." The Internet freaked out.

And if the city won't bring the statue to the people, the people will bring the statue to the city. All they need is your help.
The fan campaign to build a RoboCop statue in Detroit has found an ingenious way to make this statue happen. The website DetroitNeedsRobocop is working with artist Casey V. Westbrook to build a 7-foot iron statue that they can house in the nonprofit public art space, the Imagination Station. Estimates say it will take about $50,000 to complete the statue; in order to raise the funds, they've gone to crowd-sourcing fundraiser site KickStarter. And now fans have until Saturday, March 26 to pledge money for the construction of a RoboCop statue in the city of Detroit.

At the time of this writing, they've raised a little over $23,000, but if they want to meet their goal in time, they'll need the help of not just Detroit, but citizens all across the country. What's in it for you? Prizes of course! The group is offering rewards for various donation levels -- from memorial credits to a round of drinks to free t-shirts! They're promising more prizes as the fundraiser continues, and are accepting contributions as small as one dollar. Meaning you can literally buy this RoboCop idea for a dollar!

Head on over to DetroitNeedsRobocop for all the details, and find out how you can help.

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