Looking for hidden messages in Disney cartoons has developed into a hobby over the years. Some of the so-called subliminal messages that have been spotted appear to be pretty blatant, while others seem like the discovery of someone with way too much time on his hands. Still, we should be thankful that there are hordes of people out there frantically hitting the pause button otherwise we wouldn't have stories like this for perverts like you.

When the Mickey Mouse studio started out in the '20s, most of Walt's animators and writers were not being credited for the work they were doing. In response, they would often insert their own names into the films by naming characters after themselves and so on. Things changed in the '40s when a studio strike forced the movie mogul to start giving credit to his staff, but, as the story goes, the trend of finagling with the animation carried on further into Disney's filmography.
Most of the raunchy symbols and "satanic" imagery that people spot in the movies are reportedly innocent mistakes. However, rumors persist that some of the naughty additions were the result of a backlash that started when Eisner arrived at the studio in the late '80s. When the new CEO also acquired Miramax (and its R-rated movies) under the Disney banner, conservatives and other groups rejected the tarnishing of their family-friendly fare. Since then, folks have been chattering about sexy stuff populating the kiddie cartoons. It's become a sport to find the evil that Disney is underhandedly trying to put inside all of us.

In a film like 'The Rescuers,' there's no denying that there is indeed a topless woman in a window seen in two of the movie's frames. Disney admitted the image existed in 1999 and recalled about 3.4 million copies of the VHS that contained it. But did a roguish artist insert the word "sex" on the poster for the recently released 'Tangled'? Is this just the discovery of an overactive imagination?

Check out Disney's sleazy side in the gallery below with a few famous examples of how the studio's gone wild. Let us know if you think Disney is trying to control us with their creepy mind powers, or if it's all just a bunch of fooey.

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