Today, the new film 'I Am Number Four' arrives in theaters, and it remains to be seen whether audiences will make it no. 1 at the box office. Moviefone sat down with the cast and crew of the film, including director D.J. Caruso and stars Alex Pettyfer, Dianna Agron, Teresa Palmer, Timothy Olyphant and Callan McAuliffe, to discuss the challenges of bringing Pittacus Lore's novel to life on the big screen.
Alex Pettyfer and D.J. Caruso
After making 'Disturbia' and 'Eagle Eye,' DJ.. Caruso is no stranger to high-intensity action, but introducing his star Alex Pettyfer to it required a lot of practical effects that would at least superficially stand in for the monsters and aliens that the actor would eventually fight. Pettyfer and Caruso offered some insights into what they did and saw on set during those sequences, and then examined the challenges of bringing a story to life that previously succeeded on the printed page:

Dianna Agron

Dianna Agron has already infiltrated the hearts and minds of mainstream America via her starring role on the hit TV show 'Glee,' but in 'I Am Number Four,' she plays a girl who turns her back on popularity, in the process winning the attention of the hunkiest guys in her high school. In addition to talking about the love connection that emerged between her and co-star Alex Pettyfer, she offered some surprising observations about how to survive an action scene, especially when you're not the one doing the butt-kicking:

Teresa Palmer
If we had our druthers, this film would have been called 'I Am Number Six' after Teresa Palmer's character: Not only does she swoop in and steal the end of the movie, she manages to make everyone else in the movie look like a bunch of pansies with her generally-balletic on screen butt-kicking. In addition to talking about the rare opportunity to walk in slow motion away from a massive explosion, she discussed the process of drawing on the source material to develop her character, not only for this film, but future installments:

Callan McAuliffe

As the wimpy kid who throws his lot in with the badasses, Callan McAuliffe had less (literal) heavy lifting to do, but his character goes through one of the film's more interesting transitions, discovering that his father's mysterious disappearance was in fact part of the same plot that plopped his new schoolmate John in his sleepy small hometown. McAuliffe talked about how well he could relate to his character and revealed a sad truth about a time when his parents told him something that turned out not to be true:

Timothy Olyphant
Timothy Olyphant is well-known for his small-screen roles playing a series of not-always-lovable law enforcers, but in 'I Am Number Four,' he adds a different sort of authority figure to his repertoire -- father figure. While discussing his advancing age on screen and the new opportunities and challenges that affords you, he examined the film's complex mythology and offered some insights into how to transform that into something sympathetic:

I Am Number Four
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