Die-hard 'Simpsons' fans surely know that creator Matt Groening named his animated creations after members of his own family, but do they know that his father, Homer, was a humorist and filmmaker? Thanks to the blisteringly amazing power of the internet, they can learn that fact right now by watching his 1969 short film, 'Basic Brown, Basic Blue,' a funny pseudo-documentary that's more than a little bizarre:

"Ever wonder how Matt Groening of 'The Simpsons' got his quirky sense of humor? Probably from his filmmaker dad, Homer Groening, who passed away in 1996. Although known for his documentaries, Homer Groening directed and narrated this film, ostensibly about color, but filled with an ongoing series of bikini-clad bathing beauties. The film is perhaps best viewed as a graphic artifact that will interest media historians seeking additional insight into the elements that influenced the cartoonist."
'Basic Brown, Basic Blue' reeks of the '60s (and by "reeks," we mean that you can practically smell the marijuana and LSD), but it's certainly not without its wacky, endearing charms. Although certainly a different style of comedy than the 'The Simpsons' (somewhat ironically, it's off-topic silliness feels more like an ancestor to 'Family Guy'), it's certainly interesting to note that Groening's sense of humor didn't just spring out of thin air. Now someone needs to track down the rest of Homer Groening's filmography -- titles like 'A Study in Wet' (which you can actually watch on YouTube) and 'Psychedelic Wet' sound like they demand our immediate attention.

Watch 'Basic Brown, Basic Blue' below.

(Via Boing Boing but available for downloading through the consistently miraculous Internet Archive.)

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