UPDATE: Latino Review has chimed in with word from an inside source and it looks like Costner is up for the role of Jonathan "Pa" Kent. Of all possible choices, it's definitely the most obvious, but hey, you've got to go with what works.

With shooting set to begin sooner rather than later, rumors concerning Zack Snyder's reboot of 'Superman' continue to swirl in. First, Henry Cavill landed the coveted role of the Man of Steel himself. Then it was all but confirmed that one of the film's villains would be the Kryptonian superwoman, Ursa. Now, Deadline brings us a vague but interesting rumor regarding who may be joining the cast next: the one and only Kevin Costner.

And that's it. The role is unspecified. Whether or not Costner has been approached or not is unspecified. Whether or not Costner is interested is unspecified. All we know is that he's a candidate for a "key role."

What could this "key role" be? What character in the Superman mythos could Costner pull off?
Once upon a time, Costner himself, with his good looks and manly jawline, could have played Superman, so maybe he could be Superman's father, Jor-El, in flashbacks? However, he's also one of the quintessential all-American actors of the past few decades, so a role like Jonathan Kent, Superman's adoptive Earth father, would fit him like a glove. Maybe they're going slightly left field with the casting and he's wanted for the role of Perry White, editor at the Daily Planet and boss to mild mannered reporter Clark Kent? He's certainly the right age to play a seasoned newspaper man.

Of course, maybe the rumors are false, the evil General Zod is in the film and Costner will be brushing off his old 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves' accent to play him? Um, on second thought, let's pretend that thought never arose.

With shooting set to begin in a few months, this is one rumor that doesn't have time to be dragged out for too long. 'Superman: Man of Steel' is set for a December 2012 release, an eternity for us fans, but a blink of an eye for the folks scrambling to get the film made.
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