If you haven't seen 'The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger' video yet, then you are seriously missing out, stupid. At least that's what Randall would tell you. He's the part-bitchy, part-disgusted and all-fabulous host of a series of narrated wildlife videos, a total YouTube extravaganza that will leave you quoting lines for days.

As amusing as it is to listen to things like "Honey badger don't care!" while watching the animal tear a snake to shreds, the videos actually teach you something, too. They're a lot more entertaining than your school's field trips to the zoo when the creepy animal handler would make you pet things you didn't want to, and the whole place smelled like skunk.

Since Randall has captured our hearts -- and Hollywood is a lot like the animal kingdom -- we couldn't help but wonder if he had the same kind of affinity for movies. We reached out to him to find out his impressions on this year's Best Picture nominees for the Oscars. If you want to know what Randall thinks about all 10 of these "daffy, little stories," then check out our exclusive, Oscar-tasty clip after the jump.

Honey badger don't care, but we do -- so follow the hilarious host on Twitter and say hi to us too while you're there. Stay tuned for Oscar coverage all week long!