['The Simpsons' - 'Angry Dad: The Movie']

From TV Squad: With the Academy Awards being broadcast next week, 'The Simpsons' naturally had to return to the topical satire that it's so famous for.

And this episode contained a myriad of parodies and referential humor, only some of which I recognized. Some of the scenes in the Japanese Itchy and Scratchy movie were taken from 'Kill Bill,' but Quentin Tarantino's masterpiece likely stole the scenes (also known as an homage) from other Japanese movies.

In fact, the whole episode was a nice callback to the earlier episode 'I Am Furious Yellow' from the 13th season, which introduced 'Angry Dad' as a web series. This show has been around for so long, it can't help but have continuity.
Ricky Gervais was the highlight of the episode. Both his conversation with the bartender at the Golden Globes and his bit at the end with "Ridley Scott" had me in stitches. Plus, there was the note at the bar that consisted of his face and the phrase "do not allow this man to host." I don't know if he wrote this material himself, but I wouldn't be surprised given his history with the show. His two monologues were classic Gervais (not to mention hilarious). Russell Brand's cameo was pale by comparison, which likely pissed off Mr. Brand himself (it's a shame considering his wife Katy Perry's funny appearance earlier this season).

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Original post by: Brad Trechak
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