Without jinxing him, it seems like Christopher Nolan is the man to pay attention to in the world of film. We can't think of another filmmaker who has engendered as much goodwill, while living up to his creative promise, as Nolan has (though we're sure you'll be quick to contradict us, in the cruelest way possible, in the comments section). And because he has audiences wrapped around his finger, anytime we get a little bit of insight into his work, it feels like a very big deal.

Case in point: 'The Dark Knight Rises'' bad guy Tom Hardy recently appeared on Alan Carr's talk-show in the U.K., and in a few short minutes blew the minds of Nolan fans by revealing some updates on his villainous character in the new Caped Crusader film, and also surprisingly revealed that 'Inception' sequels have been discussed.
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