In what may be the strangest concept for a kids' movie ever, Variety reports that John Davis' The Animation Picture Company has landed the rights to E.L. Katz's script for 'Zombie Pet Shop' – and they're planning to turn it into a 3D animated feature. You know, because nothing says "kid friendly" quite like seeing animated zombie puppies devour adorable non-zombie bunny loving 3D so you can almost touch the guts.

Katz, who's probably best known for writing the screenplay for Adam Gierasch's 'Autopsy,' is making the jump to macabre kids' movies with this tale of a mall pet shop infected with a strange virus that turns the animals into zombies. It's up to a spunky pug named Joey to find an antidote and save his friends.

While we have no idea how the pitch meeting for this went down, we like to think of Katz telling Davis that "it's like 'Dawn of the Dead,' only Ken Foree's part is played by a cute little pug I've named Joey!' How could anyone pass on a pitch like that? How awesome would this be if they went with a downbeat Romero-styled ending where Joey either A) never finds the antidote or B) finds it too late to save his best friend/love interest and the last shot is of him working feverishly to find a cure while his zombie pet strains against a leash in the background? We'd pay to see that.

This, of course, got us thinking. There aren't enough animated horror movies for kids out there – so what do you show little Timmy or Jane if they have a taste for the darker things in life? Here are five flicks for your horror-obsessed tykes.