Yankees pitchers Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson were a couple of New Jersey pals who did everything together, including hooking up with each other's wives. They weren't just Sunday swingers, though. The boys -- whose families were also close friends -- finally decided to trade partners in 1972 after making a couple of jokes about it.

Kekich's relationship with Marilyn Peterson didn't last very long, and today he's reportedly incognito somewhere in New Mexico with a new family. Susanne Kekich and Fritz are still married, had four children and now live in New Jersey and Colorado. Even though Kekich would like to forget about his wife-swapping days, Red Sox fans Ben Affleck and Matt Damon want to make a movie about it.
The Hollywood friends and collaborators are working on releasing 'The Trade.' As we previously told you, Affleck and his brother, Casey, are fine-tuning a script surrounding the Yankees' family shuffle. They're considering Naomi Watts, Rachel Weisz and Rebecca Hall to star, with Damon possibly in the director's chair. No confirmation yet if big brother Affleck and Damon will play the switch-hitting (har, har) pitchers.

While the duo have hired veteran sportswriters to reach out to Yankees players from Kekich and Peterson's era, many of the former teammates are remaining tight-lipped about the events of the past. Kekich is supposedly "panic-stricken"; a source tells the New York Post, "He is freaked out that those working on the movie found out where he is. He isn't too keen on having the scandal dredged up again after all this time."

You can't blame Kekich for wanting to move on which his life, since his days as a baller have overshadowed his professional career. With Affleck, a known Yankees-hater, telling MTV stuff like "Guys [bleep]ing each others' wives -- that's those Yankees," no wonder everyone's being hush-hush about things.
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