There's still a weird, ignorant stigma that animation is just kids' stuff, but oftentimes, it is just as captivating, impressive and entertaining as any live-action movie. You want proof? Check out what we named as the best movie of 2010.

This year, three movies will compete for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. And while all three movies are worthy of praise, we can't help feeling that the Oscars could have done more. The award for Best Animated Feature didn't begin until 2001, and due to the way the rules are structured, usually only three movies get acknowledged. That just isn't enough.

We thought it was time to honor the impact animation has made in the world of film, with a fun look at what could have been. In our alternate history, beloved classics, genius voices and the kings of animation would have been receiving awards for decades, side by side with their "real" counterparts. To see how different the world of movies could have been, check out our list of animation history's Oscar winners.
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