Instead of going to a puppet, or some other silly Oscars prognosticator, Zeta Interactive has decided to use their SEO skills and computer research gurus to predict who will win at the Academy Awards this Sunday.

As The Hollywood Reporter shares, the company mined a whopping "200 million online posts, message-board comments, Internet videos" and more to find the "tonal buzz" of each mention. While they don't say exactly where they mined the commentary from, CEO Al DiGuido says it's "from people who are passionate about their moviegoing experience." And this year, everyone's passionate about the Oscars -- 91 percent of the tonal buzz is positive!

Leave it to a computer to pick 'The Social Network' over 'The King's Speech,' but that's only the beginning.
Tom Hooper is slated to grab the Best Director honor, though his film won't make the Best Picture cut. The only runaway victory of the bunch -- blogger blather's got Christian Bale the clear winner for his work in 'The Fighter,' mainly because of descriptors in his buzz like "brilliant," "amazing" and "winning."

Though James Franco is nominated for Best Actor (and is hosting), the research points to Colin Firth as the Best Actor winner, Natalie Portman beating Annette Bening (no surprise) and Melissa Leo stealing the Best Supporting Actress spot from the young Hailee Steinfeld.

But they're still new at this. Last year, Zeta only looked at Best Picture, Actress and Actor, and they got two out of three, having picked George Clooney in 'Up in the Air' over Jeff Bridges, who won for 'Crazy Heart.'

Let's see if they maintain the odds this year. Think an army of online content and Zeta researchers will come out on top?