Earlier today the Internet was swept up with news that Quentin Tarantino was somehow involved with a new spaghetti western called 'The Angel, the Bad and the Wise,' starring Keith Carradine and Treat Williams and Franco Nero. The source of the news? Italian actor Nero, who told an website, via a rough translation:

"We have already been signed by a dozen people who will be part of project. Among the filmmakers involved include Quentin Tarantino, Keith Carradine, Treat Williams. Fifteen people in all, Americans who want to do this movie, and so we are trying to produce it outside of Italy."

That was this morning, however. Once the news spread, a few people with ins to the Tarantino camp were itching to elaborate on the story, which is where AICN's Mr. Beaks stepped in to clarify some of what Nero said.

Beaks isn't at liberty to say a whole lot at this early stage, but he is able to confirm a few things: Quentin Tarantino's next film will definitely be a spaghetti western (he's not merely appearing in it, as was the case with Takashi Miike's 'Sukiyaki Western Django'), it will definitely see the director reuniting with 'Inglourious Basterds' scene stealer Christoph Waltz, and it will definitely not be called 'The Angel, the Bad and the Wise.' (According to Beaks, "Even if it got completely mangled by Google Translate, it's still not even close.")

So, there ya have it. Slim details, yes, but when it comes to a director like Tarantino, who can spend years before committing to a new project, slim details at least show that the gears are in motion.
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