Only two days after Banksy (and his film 'Exit Through the Gift Shop') lost the Best Documentary Oscar to 'Inside Job,' it appears as if we may finally have photographic evidence of the elusive street artist's existence after an unidentifiable male was caught on camera doing some sort of work on a Banksy art piece in Santa Monica.

The man, dressed in grey pants with orange lines, a brown T-shirt and a green cap pulled down to shield his face, was photographed behind a container that had been marked up with the words "This Looks a Bit Like an Elephant." Since then, the piece has popped up on Banksy's official site, which means it's been confirmed to be one of his pieces.

But the question still remains as to whether this dude is actually Banksy, or one of Banksy's people. Chances are it could be someone trying to swipe the work of art, but seeing as it's on the side of a giant container and was only just recently confirmed via Banksy's website, odds are good that this person is, indeed, Banksy.

Leading up to the Oscars, several Banksy pieces had popped up all over the Los Angeles area, with this latest one proving the artist is still on the West Coast. You can see more of them on his website, and check out the piece in question above.

What do you think -- is this Banksy?

[via Daily Mail]
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