Kristina & the Dolls' new music video is for the song 'Be Mine' from the soundtrack for the Vanessa Hudgens / Alex Pettyfer film 'Beastly.'

The rock group's music video also features exclusive clips from the movie with Mary-Kate Olsen.
Kristina & The Dolls - 'Be Mine'

"The song is obviously about love," says frontwoman Kristina Allison, "but it has a way deeper meaning. It's not just a crush, or a fair-weather love. It's about the desperation and obsession behind love. The heart-wrenching side of love. It's the love that you'd do anything for, and it's about finding that person who gives you shelter from the world. If you listen to the lyrics, they really give a visual description of the lengths a person would go to for the one they love."

'Beastly' premieres March 4, 2011.
PG-13 2011
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